The Loop goes primetime for summer

ELEVEN's summer series will include a Christmas special and best clips of 2017.

ELEVEN music series The Loop, is heading to primetime for summer with a special Summer Series, beginning tomorrow.

This will include a Christmas Special on 23 December and a countdown of the 30 best clips of 2017 on 30 December.

Running every Saturday evening until the end of January, hosts Scott Tweedie and Liv Phyland will deliver the best summer anthems across the decades, while enjoying the summer sun hosting beach picnics, garden barbecues and plenty more.

The Loop Summer Series will also play host to a string of extra special episodes including a ho ho ho down for The Loop Christmas Special on 23 December and a countdown of the 30 best clips of 2017 in The Loop 2017 Countdown airing on 30 December.

Scott and Liv will bring in 2018 with a bang for The Loop NYE Party at the special time of 9.45pm on Sunday 31 December. Finally, the awards show everyone really wants to see – the fifth annual The Loop Awards – will recognise everything from “Best Haircut” to “Most Clichés In One Clip” on 13 January.

Saturday at 6.30pm on ELEVEN.

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  1. The Loop used to be great!
    I have my PVR set to record, because I work away from home and miss it on Saturday most times.
    Then, every morning that I am at home, I’d start my day with the latest music videos and Scott and Liv! What a nice way to start the day!
    They always had the latest music clips, plus 2-3 re-loops, and a sometimes interesting Loop Off!
    I was even laid up with a health problem for 9 months-but every day I had a song in my head because Yep, I watched The Loop EVERY day!
    Then came the “Special Shows” the 80’s 90’s Rn’B etc! Re-hashed music from last Century! Boring! MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice ,Sisco, Will Smith etc yaaawwwnn! It’s been done to death with RnB Fridays on Radio!

    Why You My Loop??!!

    Have Ch10-11 ran out of money, and can’t afford new music anymore?
    I’am turning my PVR off, same with my radio on Fridays!
    Please go back to your Original…

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