Footy production on the interchange bench

Eddie McGuire’s return to Nine’s Footy Show has triggered a reaction at Seven because his production company JAM TV also produces Monday night panel show Talking Footy.

News Corp reports Seven execs are uncomfortable with the arrangement and are looking at replacing JAM TV with another production company or producing it in-house. Changes may impact the talent Wayne Carey, Luke Darcy, Tim Watson and Sam McClure.

“A final decision won’t be made until after the Australian Open and the Winter Olympics,” a Seven insider said.

Meanwhile there are also reports Shane Crawford may leave the Footy Show following a “diminished role” while Trevor Marmalade is speculated to return. Elsewhere Garry Lyon has departed Footy Classified while Gerard Whateley has quit ABC.


  1. I wouldn’t be that bothered if they got rid of this show altogether… Its’a a good show if you follow a Victorian AFL Team, but if you support a “non Victorian” team , as they like to say, its not really worth watching… 7 should concentrate more on The Front Bar. Its the best Footy Show on TV by a mile.

    • I don’t think that’s fair at all. As if Seven would produce a national program, just to focus on Melbourne teams? They regularly discuss all teams, interview interstate players and coaches. I guess it also depends on the current agenda or what’s in the news though.

      • What show are you watching? I watch it most weeks and Interstate teams are hardly mentioned and when they are, its for a minute or so compared to the full segments the VFL teams each get. regardless on how good or bad they are performing. It happens on all the AFL shows, including The Front Bar. I’m not exaggerating… The entire AFL competition is just to focus on the Victorians teams… Its a national competition and yet some teams are commonly known as “Interstate Teams” or Non Victorian” teams…. and the GF has to be played at the MCG. Its grossly unfair

  2. Seems to be a stretch pulling eddies company out now seeing he has always remained on air talent on nine through Hot Seat and also through hosting and commentary on fox which of course if non vic game gets played on seven

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