Insight into soapie interns

What’s it like to be an intern in the writing department of an Aussie soap?

University of Wollongong communications and media student Matt Armstrong sheds some light on just that, having been an intern with Home and Away when he was 17.

He told Border Mail,“I got there and the guy who helped me with my internship made me feel really comfortable, and they have all been nothing but kind to me.

“I was working with the script co-ordinators and one of them had taken some time off, so I effectively did his job – formatting scripts and checking for typos, writing press releases – I was really grateful I was given so much responsibility.”

After putting in a submission he hopes to get the chance to do more with the Seven show, or ELEVEN’s Neighbours.

“The writer commissioned for that episode told me she writes for Neighbours as well – you can write for both, you just can’t be part of the in-house team for both,” he said.

“I did a huge binge watch and got up to date with the episodes and put my name down for their submission program.”

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