Kerry Armstrong, Bernard Tomic join I’m a Celebrity

Plus AFL player Josh Gibson is into the jungle.

Actor Kerry Armstrong and tennis champ Bernard Tomic have been confirmed for I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.

Former AFL player Josh Gibson is also confirmed for tonight’s Live premiere.

Fairfax and News Corp journalists, who have both travelled to South Africa as guests of Network TEN, have confirmed early named in their Sunday newspapers.

The inclusion of Armstrong is particularly surprising given most profile actors have rejected offers to join the show.

“My three sons have left home, so I’m an empty nester,” she told The Age. “This feels like a third act. I can do this gracefully, or I can do it in the wildest way that I can.”

Kerry Armstrong: An iconic Australian actor: This famous Australian actor is ready for a tree change. Trading in their air-conditioned trailer for the unpredictable African terrain, how will this screen favourite cope without a phone, personal assistant and Access All Areas pass? 

Bernard Tomic: A Tennis Star: With zero contact with the outside world, daily food rations and no shelter from the elements, this world-famous tennis player will be at break point before they know it.

Josh Gibson: An AFL Champion: This premiership-winning player is known for their hair-raising play. With a squad of celebrities playing hard ball for the title of King or Queen of the Jungle, will this athlete manage to maintain their team player mentality?


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  1. After reading Kerry’s bio on Wikipedia I believe that she will make a formidable contestant.
    With the contrived challenges vetted by an Insurance Co., H n S and paramedic teams just offscreen, I’ll give it a miss.

      1. No need to come up with something so elaborate as a schedule clash. Andrew Symonds on Big Bash last night stated that he didn’t go in a season or two back because his dog was sick at the time! LOL.

  2. Guys the entire point of getting so called “hated” celebrities (such a Tomic) is so that the viewing public can see them suffer. All these people who “arnt watching because of so and so” … well my bet is that you secretly will. Just sayin….

    1. While the casting of hated celebrities is indeed intentional, I’m unsure it’s to see them suffer. I think it’s more to see them make even more of an idiot of themselves.

      Either way, if you had bet with me, I’d be taking you to the bank! No way I watch a second of it this season.

  3. Glad it’s Kerry and Josh. Bernard will surely help in ratings! David, there is a “tennis star” specific clue for Tomic. I think the “world champion” is a different celebrity.

  4. Ahhh, excellent that this has become known early… I will now not watch 1 second… And that’s not because of Tomic… I predict that Squibbo will suck everyone in with his nice guy persona. Don’t get sucked in folks.

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