Rafters top All-Time Favourite Aussie TV Families

Packed to the Rafters clan has been voted Australia’s All-Time Favourite TV Drama Family.

The TV family headed up by Julie Rafter (Rebecca Gibney) and Dave Rafter (Erik Thomson) has beaten out classic TV family The Sullivans and Offspring‘s own Proudmans, according to readers of TV Tonight.

There were nearly 800 votes in the site survey.

Rebecca Gibney said, “For Rafters to still be so highly regarded means so much given everyone involved with the show really did feel like a family. We knew from the very first read-through that we were a part of something magical.

“Shows like Packed To The Rafters come along very rarely and the role of Julie Rafter was a gift that I will be forever grateful for.

“Thank you so much to everyone who voted and thank you David and TV Tonight for your never-ending support for Australian Drama!”

In other results, Kath & Kim‘s irrepressible Day-Knight clan topped the Favourite TV Family in Comedy and The Twists from Round the Twist topped the Children’s category.

From tomorrow look out for interviews on Classic TV as part of Nostalgia Week!


  1. The Rafters (Packed to the Rafters)
  2. The Sullivans (The Sullivans)
  3. The Proudmans (Offspring)
  4. The Kennedys (Neighbours)
  5. The Fletchers (Home & Away)
  6. The Jones’ (A Country Practice)
  7. The McLeods (McLeod’s Daughters)
  8. The Blighs (A Place to Call Home)
  9. The Gross’ (Winners & Losers)
  10. The Gibsons (SeaChange)


  1. The Day-Knights (Kath & Kim)
  2. The Beares (Mother & Son)
  3. The Bullpitts (Kingswood Country)
  4. The Wheelers (Upper Middle Bogan)
  5. Josh, Rose, Alan (Please Like Me)
  6. The Moodys (The Moodys)
  7. The Habibs (Here Come the Habibs)
  8. The Sumners (All Together Now)
  9. The McCallums (Rosehaven)
  10. The Laws (The Family Law)


  1. The Twists (Round the Twist)
  2. The Hammonds (Skippy the Bush Kangaroo)
  3. The Hendersons (Henderson Kids)
  4. The Leonards (Lockie Leonard)
  5. The Bates (Ocean Girl)


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