Vale: Jessica Falkholt

Actress and rising star Jessica Falkholt, whose family were the victims of a major NSW road trauma on Boxing Day, has died, aged 29.

Her life support was switched off last Thursday after weeks of intensive care in hospital. Her death was confirmed this morning at 10:20am.

Falkholt’s parents Lars, 69, and Vivian, 60 and sister Annabelle, 21, were all farewelled at a funeral last week.

Jessica was a NIDA graduate who appeared as waitress Hope Morrison on Home and Away over 16 episodes last year.

She has a role in Nine’s upcoming Bite Club and the title role in the upcoming feature Harmony featuring Jacqueline McKenzie.

Her other credits include Underbelly: Badness & Tricky Business.

A 50 year old driver from Ulladulla was also killed in the accident, at Sussex Inlet.


      • i think perhaps laurie meant the legal system & it certainly is judges responsibility who can only use current laws though.i don’t know all the ins & outs of that but i do know the driver who caused the crash had an appalling driving record & was by all accounts a career petty criminal who was given too many chances & now a whole family has been wiped out because of the leniency showed to him in the system. It was all too tragically preventable.

        • I wouldn’t be so sure you’ve made the correct assumption there. I don’t have any special insight – but I noticed every news article I’ve seen has been very careful to say one car was on the wrong side of the road, but not _which_ one. And then they _separately_ start recounting the other driver’s history.

          Normally they have no qualms about coming out and saying saying who was at fault – but not this time? Hmmm…

        • Glass Portcullis

          I don’t wanna kick anything off here, but is it the fault of the process – which has been followed and implemented [afaik] – that a disqualified driver did not adhere to parameters within the law established for him?

  1. Rest In Peace. A life cut short and a promising career. My condolences to all who knew her and were close. Sadness too for the Home and Away cast and crew on the 30th Anniversary!

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