1. I enjoyed last year’s celebrity and this year’s I have found it harder to get into. Different personalties of celebrities I guess, last years seemed funnier. This year the episodes seem to be very long and having it on 5 times a week can be a bit much. Don’t get me wrong it is still enjoyable to watch but you can get too much of a good thing at times.

  2. I am celebrity just doesn’t have any real celebrities this season we are not boxing fans so the two bowers are of no interest ,I suspect that’s why the ratings are just ok as for the English man Burrell no milenial even knows who Burrell is .i am hooked on the checkout and catalyst this season great double great shows .

  3. The Checkout is superb and the brand refresh has done itself good. That and the excellent Elon Musk Catalyst special were the best offerings for this household last night.

  4. Seal Team bombed Sun night. LAO SVU Monday night and NCIS LA last night. Tonight’s bombs will be Madam Secretary and Hawaii five O and tomorrow night Blue Bloods. CBS led dramas continue to fail on Ten but not sure if execs worry as they are all post 930pm

  5. The Checkout should have 2 versions: the current slapstick, vaudeville and sit-com version and a more sensible presentation for viewers who can understand facts and figures.
    Using humour to emphasise a point is a useful technique but in small doses, please.

    • I disagree. That is the Checkout. Changing its fabric would be baffling as it’s traded as what it is now since it’s inception… and it’s a whip smart, insanely entertaining factual show as a result.

    • I agree. The worst part is, the humour they attempt is so often lame and even basic, that it really undercuts the factual element of the show. It’s been a problem with the show since the start, I just don’t find the humour sharp or witty enough to justify.

    • The humour makes it imo. I prob wouldn’t watch it otherwise. I think it’s excellent and humour would help get its point across to a broader range of people, including those like myself who are pretty unsophisticated and would struggle sitting through a serious version of the show. ?

  6. Re: Date Night… “The demos were particularly good”

    Whether it’s 5 people or 500,000 people, I’d expect every viewer to be in that demographic range. Surely no-one over 50 would watch such a show. And I really really hope that no youngsters do either! Yes, I’m sure I’m naive on the latter one.

    • I find it gobsmacking that a show with as much publicity as Celebrity still can only muster those ratings. To boost ratings, Ten spends money for journalists to go in the jungle and write favourable stories about the show. News feeds and website home pages are packed full of Celebrity content in the lead up to the show airing and almost daily during the season. And the show still can’t win a timeslot or move past third spot.

      • Once one realises each show presents daily boredom and a dinner boosted by parlour games, the novelty wears off. And if everyone gets along it’s even more boring.

        • To me MKR and MAFS are much worse and are as far from reality as you can get. Both rely on manufactured drama to get ratings. Don’t know what it says about the Australian public that these are our two most popular shows.

      • Think of the poor News Limited “journalist” who hover up lines from this show and regurgitate them as news stories. Half the stories on the News.com website is now sourced from TV shows.

  7. I’m actually enjoying Vicki,( I didn’t know who she was before) she’s quite funny and just what the Jungle needs.

    The ratings seemed to have dropped when Mundine left the jungle and haven’t been the same since.

    • No the ratings dropped when Danny Green went into the jungle and the producer started focusing 90% of the show on Mundine and Green. The ratings never recovered after that.

  8. It’s the usual pattern for I’m a celebrity. Getting around half of the other shows when ratings start. Channek 10 knew what they were getting themselves into id say

      • Why aren’t nine acting on Ninja Warrior & Celebrity Big Brother? Bombing spectacularly on 9Go! (the exclamation mark is actually part of the channel title, but would’ve included it anyway LOL)

        • With the Olympics on, most people are not paying much attention to the multi channels. Anything they replace them would probably rate only marginally better. Both those shows are only meant to act as filler whilst the Olympics are on.

        • Sully, its a multi channel they wouldn’t care too much. But Ten should be worried all their shows on their main channel in prime time are rating poorly.

    • ACA convincingly wins every night either in first place or 2nd to ABC news with Home and Away and then Project mostly last.. so given ACA is doing really well there is nothing much to report.

      • If l was Ten l would have an ACA equivalent at 7pm with Lisa Wilkinson. Use her talents and charm on her own show. Move the project back to 6.00pm and switch Fued to Eleven permanently.

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