Kerry Armstrong out as Oldfields ready for jungle rumble

Controversial couple rack up yet another Reality appearance.

Actress Kerry Armstrong is the second cast member to have been publicly ‘eliminated’ from I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.

The former Seachange & Prisoner star said she despite 3 weeks of extreme challenges and a hungry appetite she learned new things about herself and her cast mates.

“When you’re an actor you disappear into other people, instead of being you,” she said.

“On set I always clown because you have to be dead on and serious. But here what was funny is that I lost my clown, and the very serious person came in.

“I had an utter ball,” she added. “I was really hungry, everyone was. It was the most bizarre experience.”

TEN confirmed recent rumours that controversial couple Lisa & David Oldfield will enter the series tonight. Both continue to rack up the Reality appearances following The Real Housewives of Sydney, Hell’s Kitchen Australia, Celebrity Survivor & First Contact.

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  1. somebody buy ten a dictionary cause not every sports person or two bit reality tv ” star ” is a celebrity , cause if that the case years ago i did a tv commercial so that must make me a celebrity . i expect your call ten

  2. For those who are complaining about Lisa and David Oldfield entering the jungle need to wake up. Do you really think when they say ‘celebrities’ entering the jungle it would be huge, mega stars like Nicole Kidman, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lopez…please! Even if channel 10 had to money to pay these celebs they would never do it. Celebrity reality shows are for C and D list celebs who are just famous enough for us to know something they’ve done but not famous enough to not need some exposure. Wake up th

  3. Can someone please tell me where in South Africa there is any jungle/rainforest.
    I believe this programme is shot in Kruger National Park, that’s approximately the same latitude as Bundaberg in Queensland and there’s no rainforest there.

  4. I was hoping CBS might lift the standards of 10 , but obviously the decision makers at 10 still can’t get out of their “trash TV” thinking. Not to say the other channels are any better, but these two new contestants in I’m a Celebrity are really sraping the bottom of the barrel. Initially the numbers for the show were encouraging, but they have dropped and this sort of thinking will do nothing to improve them. CBS needs to get some new decision makers at 10.

    1. What makes you think CBS has higher standards? You do know they air Big Brother on their network and the current Celebrity season doesnt have that many better celebrities than I’m a Celeb.

      1. True, but I said I was hoping, but now I know it was just wishful thinking. Honestly I can’t recall when local content TV in Australia was so bad, especially in the last few years. Thank goodness for BBC First !

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