Married at First Sight affair tops Sunday

Ratings: Bad boy Dean delivers for Nine, but Seven still wins Sunday.

Lies and cheating on Married at First Sight ensured Nine’s reality show topped Sunday night viewing with 1.35m viewers.

The fallout of a Dean, Tracey and Davina triangle delivered a season high for Nine and a win in the demos, ahead of My Kitchen Rules at 1.14m -down slightly on last Sunday’s 1.16m.

That left I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here with 618,000 viewers for the ‘elimination’ of Kerry Armstrong but 544,000 for the bulk of the show, albeit without a 30 minute head start.

Meanwhile the Winter Olympics is still scoring for Seven, ahead of the return of 60 Minutes, Shetland and NCIS.

The Sunday Project improved slightly for TEN, up from 390,000 to 411,000 for the second half.

Seven network won Sunday with 36.7% then Nine 30.0%, ABC 15.6%, TEN 13.1% and SBS 4.5%.

My Kitchen Rules was best for Seven at 1.14m viewers then Seven News (1.02m) and Winter Olympics (935,000 / 452,000 / 442,000).

Married at First Sight was #1 for Nine at 1.35m viewers followed by Nine News (961,000), 60 Minutes (810,000), and Born to Kill? (334,000).

ABC News (744,000), Hawke: The Larrikin & the Leader (597,000) and Shetland (528,000) comprised ABC’s night. A QI repeat was 202,000.

I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here drew 618,000 / 544,000 viewers for TEN followed by The Sunday Project (411,000 / 281,000), NCIS (338,000), TEN Eyewitness News (309,000), Family Feud (191,000) and SEAL Team (188,000).

On SBS it was Eight Days That Made Rome (159,000), China’s Megatomb Revealed (147,000), SBS World News (132,000) and Hitler’s Secrets (96,000).

7mate’s Winter Olympics topped multichannels at 226,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 18 February 2018

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  1. There’s no way Lisa is on 2mil. The whole network was worth about that just a few months ago before CBS Was on board… As I said on the ratings report, people forget she’s also going to be the editor of TEN’s new online platform, Ten Daily when it launches. I think it’s also been stated they have further plans for her.

  2. The whole Lisa Wilkinson thing seems to be overblown. While she’s a personality for sure there are a huge majority of us that have never watched morning TV and therefore don’t really have a reference point for here other than Carols and that was once a year. I’m not sure is she’s a journalist or not as that word gets thrown around too easily but The Project would give her more scope surely than morning TV so I would guess that money is not her main motivator for the move. The Project seems to get similar numbers to Today so her face is on as many screens as previously.

    1. A lot don’t watch commercial morning tv, and a lot don’t watch The Project either. Quite true that she is still invisible to a proportion of the population.

      But if you get a chance to see her elsewhere (Carols excluded) or read any articles written by her, it is clear that her talent has been wasted so far. Hopefully The Project is just a stepping-stone for her.

  3. The Winter Olympics at 9pm was just a repeat of earlier footomy husband watched live. Very disappointing…surely there was something elsr happening live?? If it had been during the week then I might understand the repeat but many people can watch it during the day on a Sunday. It wasn’t like an Aussie was up for Gold. Just my opinion.

    1. As l have mentioned Ten should give Lisa her own current affairs show at 7pm Sunday to Thurs and someone else on Fri. She would be good at that and not lost in the project. Put the Feud into 4.30pm (family friendly time) and then have the Project at 6-7pm. Affiliates could have their news at 7pm.

      1. Hi David what do you know that I don’t know ? All reports suggest 2 mill. approx. but if you know the real figure lets know. Whatever it was it would not have been cheap especially when she is now allowed to sleep in ( her own admission)

    1. It always amazes me how people treat what the media feeds them as gospel. I halve every amount they report on in anythingand then some more most times. In my wildest dreams I can’t imagine Lisa being worth anywhere near $2 mill but I guess we will never know and it really isn’t our business if she isn’t on ABC anyway.

  4. I am concerned with Lisa Wilkinson and The Project. I think they need a huge promotion campaign, those fluffy few promos during the BBL isn’t it! Ten have started the ratings year very poorly, beaten by the ABC last week. Yes, Winter Olympics really impacting everything and it’s hard enough to get 1m viewers these days, let alone two other realities slugging it out over that mark.

    Also, nice work for the second Hawke program, I tuned-in.

    I am curious as to how “Titanic” (1997) rated on 7flix, with an astonishing 4+ hour run time (finishing 12:42am)! I see it made the Top 5 demographics though and delivered 7flix a solid share.

    1. Am I missing something ? Or looking in the wrong place ?
      Where was Titanic in the top 5 demos ?
      I too would be interested in knowing what numbers it pulled.
      I saw about the last hour and couldn’t believe the number of commercials.

      1. Hey Gonzo and Jason, David doesn’t supply the multi-channel demogrpahics and I do apologise, I saw them on another media/tv website and just assumed they were here accidently.

        Yes, Titanic ranked #5 in multi-channels (25-54s, 18-49s and 16-39s).

        And yes, for 7flix post-Big Bang era, anything above 2% is a good share (same goes for 9Life).

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