Networks take note…. viewers vote out David Oldfield.

Can that please be the last time we David Oldfield on our screens?

In TV they say the numbers never lie……

Viewers have voted with their phones (and their remotes) to evict David Oldfield from I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here after less than a week.

Can that please be the last time we see him on our screens?

Oldfield has been unlikeable (if not downright detestable) in all his recent appearances including I’m A Celebrity, Hell’s Kitchen Australia and First Contact. 

“Disruptive” by his own admission, he got camp mates offside, even becoming the last chosen in a schoolyard pick.

Oldfield gets cast for conflict. But a TV villain is supposed to be someone viewers love to hate. He neglects to bring any sense of fun to the task.

The consideration for producers has to be -is said conflict really worth damaging the ratings?

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  1. I was hoping he wouldn’t be kicked off. There is a need for a bad guy in a show like this; everyone being nice to each other all the time is downright boring and let’s face it there are a few of these so-called celebs in that mould. Having said that I have never liked Oldfield.

  2. David really is a most unlikeable person with few redeeming features that I could see. However, as he pointed out in his interview, at least he was direct and forthright with his comments – not nice to someone’s face and then knifing them behind their backs later.
    Naturally he has been pegged as the “villain” of the series but most villains are charismatic and fascinating to watch. Unfortunately David is neither.

  3. Hi David, would love more of your insight on what makes a successful TV villain. You pointed out Oldfield is not fun to hate, MAFS is so nasty this year thanks to more than one villain -I can’t watch it because it is such a negative and cruel program (it’s not just the individuals who get embarrassed but their families too) but that seems to be the reason for MAFS’ success this year!
    Would love your opinion on this 🙂

    1. Gogglebox showed families watching MAFS and getting very riled up over Dean & infidelity. I presume many identify with Tracey’s situation. It appeared to be a guilty pleasure to them. But I agree it is full of nasty stuff. Villains we love to hate are perfect for Drama / Soap, it is more complex in Reality.

  4. I thought we were all in favour of diversity on our screens? That doesn’t just mean everybody singing kumbaya around the campfire. He may have got camp mates offside but ten didn’t show enough of why. Only a few minutes of him arguing. Ten missed a huge opportunity to show why he is disliked by them all.

  5. Well he wasn’t ‘voted’ out. More like he probably got very few votes to stay. I found him unlikeable and was glad to see him go even though I concur with some of his views. He was just lousy at communicating them…Simone and Jackie for the final 2….

  6. It is extraordinary how the media promoted Oldfield as spearheading some kind of new conservative revival which would take over government in this country. They kept telling us that there was a huge swing to One Nation-style conservatism and Oldfield was leading it despite there being no evidence of that happening. Hopefully the media’s love affair with this man and his discredited ideology is finally over.

  7. I am extremely disappointed in Channel 10 and in particular Julia Morris for thinking Domestic Violence is funny. Verbal abuse is a form and DV and Oldields attack on his partner last night was absolutely appalling.

  8. Hate to say it but I was disappointed to see David Oldfield voted out so soon.. Don’t agree with many of his views especially those expressed in First Contact but he made me more inclined to watch the show than any of the other celebrities. Probably because it was a case of waiting to see what he would say/who he would clash with next and bringing some much needed fireworks into the camp.

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