Shane Delia’s Recipe for Life: update

SBS has yanked this week’s episode of Shane Delia’s Recipe for Life in favour of more trains.

It will now screen two episodes of Great British Railway Journeys at 7:30pm.

Updated: Shane Delia now concludes:

Ep 7 4:55pm Fri March 2
Ep 8 4:55pm Fri March 9

The move appears to be to favour the second episode of Muslims Like Us at 8:30pm, by giving it a bigger lead-in via Michael Portillo.


  1. Was wondering what happened to Shane Delia’s show so I found this update. Pretty poor that it’s been bumped to 4.55pm?! Best way to ensure that zero viewers follow it!

    Not a good move SBS, you are usually better than this!

  2. thedirtydigger

    Hmm, that doesn’t give much confidence in Shane getting another series does it?
    SBS , once the home of Hitler documentaries is now relying on Trains to save it’s schedule …
    OK then you SBS Public Servants – how about a series of Hitler’s Favourite Train Trips Through Occupied Europe ?

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