Returning: Great British Railway Journeys

Season 11 of Great British Railway Journeys begins next week on SBS.

Michael Portillo begins a new season of railway journeys through 1930s Britain, armed with an interwar 1936 Bradshaw’s guide. This screens with 2 x 30 minute episodes.

Season Eleven, Episode One:
Michael explores an unmistakably modern era of glamorous locomotives, cinema, and dance halls but also a time of high unemployment and widespread poverty, when storm clouds gathered across the Channel.

Episode Two:
Michael is in Northumbria en route to the Highlands. On this leg, he explores Kielder Forest, beginning at the County Show in Stocksfield. Michael discovers what lay behind a national initiative to plant one of the largest man-made woodlands in Europe.

7:30pm Tuesday November 3 on SBS.

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  1. Thanks for the update, it gets confusing when there are often repeats on and I am unsure if I have seen them or not and sometimes don’t bother, so now I know to get all aboard the new season!

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