Gone: Food Safari: Water

After attempting a food show on Wednesday SBS pulls a show from the schedule.

In a rare move, SBS has yanked Food Safari: Water from the schedule.

Tomorrow night it has been replaced with another episode of Great British Railway Journeys.

It follows disappointing numbers last week at 118,000 viewers, including a drop from its 210,000 lead-in.

But it was also a new test for the show screening on Wednesday instead of the traditional foodie Thursday.

It is yet to be rescheduled.

6 Responses

  1. Actually SBS needs a show involving Adolf Hitler cooking his favourite vegetarian dishes on a train… Now that’s entertainment – guaranteed to fulfil the SBS Charter down to a tee … unlike most of its other successful programmes…

  2. Seriously-SBS has a dedicated 24hr a day cooking channel-why on Earth show yet more damned food porn on the main channel? They’ve been showing 1st run series and films after midnight of late.

  3. Disappointed….I like the series that Maeve has been doing…I liked the older Food Safari…and also enjoyed her time on BH&G……But I must admit…that this was not the strongest series… 🙁

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