“The worst show in the history of the world”

Next time I do Nostalgia Week I may just have to include a look back at some of the worst telly too.

This morning Jackie Henderson, aka Jackie O reflected on Seven’s 2002 series Undercover Angels in which she joined Bardot singer Katie Underwood and actress Simone Kessell as “Thorpie’s Angels,” sent on feelgood missions by a very young Ian Thorpe.

Sydney Morning Herald TV writer Ruth Ritchie even declared it “the worst show in the history of the world” ahead of it running for just 11 episodes.

“I refused to watch that. It was the worst show ever made,” Kyle Sandilands agreed.

“It wasn’t great … Thorpie was supposed to be Charlie and we were his Angels, we’d be like ‘Hiii Thorpie!’” Jackie O said.

Jackie O then revealed a bad day of filming, cleaning out a man’s messy garage in Mount Druitt.

“There I am in my little white jumpsuit, trying to look like a 70s Farrah Fawcett. We’re like, ‘We’ve got a little surprise for you Shane …’

“We open up the garage door and he says, ‘What the f*** have you done with all me shit?’”

Just quietly, Jackie O has more than a few contenders in this field.

Cmon, how can you not love / hate this opening title sequence?

Via: news.com.au


  1. Hahaha I remember this! I actually thought it was a fun, innocent program that was entertaining enough for a Sunday night (I was 12 at the time so my taste in tv shows wasn’t great haha).

    On the topic of the “worst show in the history of the world”, I thought that titled belonged to Yasmin’s Getting Married? 😉

  2. ‘worst show….’ is a bit harsh, it wasn’t that bad, now ‘Hole in the Wall’ was an abysmal show, & there have been other such disasters which i can’t think of right now.

  3. Jackie just doesn’t work well on tv, every tv show she is apart fails. she even took big brother down lol. but this show was crap but so was the majority of Australian tv in the early 2000’s expensive live entertainment was axed and low budget reality tv was in. now we have cringy morons getting married at first “real” housewives and yummy mummies. we make terrible tv the majority of the time

  4. Poor Jackie o she seems like such a nice person but she doesn’t have much luck with tv shows which is not her fault at all its the type of shows she is asked to host

  5. Oh gosh I remember this show hahaha. What an odd bunch they recruited to be the angels. I wonder how Katie Underwoods name ever came up? Did they just want someone who looked completely different to off-set the other ‘beauties’? Or was she locked into some sort of contract and they needed to find a role for her – any role would do?
    And Thorpie as some sort of hero godfather when he was so young – why?! There would have been so many older, respected gentlemen of the industry who could have been so much more appropriate – Bert Newton? Bud Tingwell?
    It was still better than Celebrity Splash or Yummy Mummies.

  6. Terrible show.
    And this was right in the middle of the time Thorpe was banging on about how much he loved women’s fashion and how gay he wasn’t.

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