Has Jackie O broken a ‘TV jinx?’

With debut ratings of 1.16m for The Masked Singer has judge Jackie O Henderson broken a mythical “jinx?”

Many have tried to succeed with a simultaneous radio and TV career, but it doesn’t always come easy.

Jackie O has a lengthy list of TV failures which has sometimes drawn comment around a “jinx”, but the truth is one of her earliest shows was a massive hit: Popstars in 2000 discovered Bardot.

Popstars, based on a NZ format, was a TV phenomenon that led to a hit record and shopping centre frenzy.  A precursor to Australian Idol, it motivated thousands of teens to try their luck in TV talent quests and ignited several copycat shows.

But there were several other titles which have tried to piggyback on her radio success that sadly, failed to fire:

Undercover Angels, Australian Princess, The Chat Room, The Nation, Big Brother (final season) and Kyle and Jackie O’s Night with the Stars.

It remains to be seen if the Masked Singer premiere numbers will sustain across the season, but the early signs are good for both Jackie O and 10.

Today not one comment seems to be drawing upon the “jinx” word….


  1. For some reason I can still remember Undercover Angels and the underwhelming first episode.
    The ” Angels ” were charged with the herculean task of finding a labrador for a kid who wanted one as a pet.
    Yes, it really was that naff.
    And with the Wooden Indian presenting skills of Ian Thorpe, well what a wonder it crash burned.

  2. jezza the first original one

    I think it is more of a case that her luck has turned a corner and that her personal impact on this show is watered down by the rest of the panel and…..Osher “Midas Touch” Gunsberg.

    Osher should read the news, do the weather report, host a breakfast and morning show, appear in Naybors, in fact he should just take over everything at ch10, cos he’s got the Midas Touch right now..

  3. More like Kyle is the TV curse when it comes to Jackie O – I actually really like her when she’s not paired with Kyle, and she’s doing great on TMS.

  4. I don’t mind Jackie O as a radio presenter, but her and especially Hughsey are insufferable and completely out of place in this (the latter being overexposed on TV as is, along with the rest of the “Roving” gang). I haven’t had a chance to watch a full episode yet, but I have seen Gretel’s performance (I didn’t know she could sing!) and I just cringe whenever I see those two on screen.

    Dannii Minogue obviously has a lot of experience in the role and Lindsay Lohan is also out of place for obvious reasons, though she makes up for that with her likeable on-screen presence.

    But I suspect that the judge choices will ultimately kill a lot of the enjoyment that can be had from this. Good on 10 for their success though.

    • Perhaps you should watch a full episode before critiquing. I felt that Jackie O is perfectly suited and if you watch her attempts to work through the clues, her radio background comes in very handy and her and Dannii are taking that role seriously, while clearly taking it all in goofiness. Hughsey’s guessing by contrast would be making Lindsay feel very comfortable despite her FIFO status. Overall though, you have to credit the production for the panel they have assembled.

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