“Two Piece” wins Tropfest 2018

Melbourne-made short film Two Piece directed by Greta Nash has won Tropfest 2018, held last night at Parramatta Park.

The film about the stresses of a teenage girl buying a bikini was produced by former students of the Victorian College of the Arts Gillian Crosby & Gabrielle McLeod. It featured Freya Van-Dyke Goodman, Lulu McClatchy & Liam Smih.

14 year old star Freya Van-Dyke Goodman won the Best Actress award.

Hugo Johnstone-Burt was awarded Best Actor for Combination Fried Rice.

ABC Comedy screened a delayed broadcast last night hosted by Zan Rowe and Susie Youssef.

You can watch the winner and 15 other finalists at iview.

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  1. ‘Two piece’ was well made and interesting, but for me personally, ‘Boys don’t cry’ had the most impact and ‘Don’t rain on my Parade’ was the funniest. And please somebody give Virginia Gray a chill pill next time she appears on TV.

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