ACMA to investigate Sunrise segment

Watchdog receives enough complaints over recent sketch it is now investigating.

Media watchdog the Australian Communications and Media Authority is formally investigating the Sunrise segment which controversially discussed removing Indigenous at-risk children and relocating them with non-Indigenous families.

NSW Greens MP David Shoebridge lodged a formal complaint with ACMA, claiming Prue MacSween’s comment was “a highly offensive, racist and divisive statement”, and there was no attempt by host Sam Armytage to condemn or rebuke it.

ACMA responded that a “significant amount of community concern has been expressed about that broadcast”, and it had commenced a formal investigation.

“Some topics probably require a little bit more depth,” Seven News boss Craig McPherson recenly told TV Tonight. “I still believe that opinions and free speech are what that programme and other programmes rely on. The reaction to it… it is what it is. I wouldn’t say they behaved as well as they could have, in the protest sense.”

Sunrise addressed the reaction recently with a panel featuring 3 Indigenous community experts.

Source: The Guardian

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