Airdate: Louis Theroux: Savile

ABC screens a new Louis Theroux episode in which he revisits earlier profiles on UK entertainer Jimmy Savile.

If only he knew then, what we know now…..

This aired on Pay TV late last year.

In 1999 and 2000, Louis filmed with popular British television personality Jimmy Savile for his immersive documentary ‘When Louis Met Jimmy’. At the time Louis knew there was more to Savile than met the eye. But while he succeeded in showing a different side of Savile, the darkest side of this complex man eluded him. Following his 2011 death, ‘Saint Jimmy’ was revealed to be a predatory sex offender who used his celebrity status to commit crimes against many victims. In light of the devastating revelations, Louis sets out to understand the truth by talking to people who worked closely with Savile, to some of his victims, and also by re-examining moments from the original film and footage that’s never aired before on television.

9:30pm Tues April 10 on ABC.


  1. Incidentally, when I was about six, I wrote to Jim’ll Fix It to ask if he could strap me to a helicopter blade for a flight. I thought it’d be fun. Strangely, it never happened…

  2. I’ll be watching this to try and make sense of how one of my favourite childhood heroes (who actually scared me because of his intensity) could have been such a sicko.

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