Auditions: The Chef’s Line

SBS has made a surprise renewal for cooking competition, The Chef’s Line.

The series debuted a year ago as amateur cooks battled professional chefs, skilled in the same cuisine.

The series, produced by Eureka Productions, was hosted by Maeve O’Meara in a 6pm weeknight slot. Judging were Executive Chef Dan Hong, chef Mark Olive and food writer Melissa Leong.

Until now, there has been no indication of another season but casting is now underway.

Here’s what the show is looking for in a second season:

Individuals must be over 18, with a passion for cooking and demonstrated ability to prepare food for their chosen cuisine.

Home Cooks who are serious about their passion for their chosen cuisine need only apply.
Successful applicants must be available for filming for a 2-3 day period between May and/or June 2018 in Sydney.

Travel and accommodation costs where applicable will be covered by production.

Eligible applicants must not receive their main source of income from cooking or preparing food in a professional environment.

Submissions accepted from Australia wide.

You can apply here.


  1. Maev....Sydney

    I like this show also and I am not a big reality fan….but I do like Mark Olive…I have watched most of his cooking shows….from way back.

  2. thedirtydigger

    Gee, what were the ratings for this show , I recall they were sub 100,000 viewers nationally. Not a great number for a renewal I would have thought …

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