Plate of Origin production pushed back?

Speculation to day that production dates have moved on upcoming Seven series.

There is speculation today that Plate of Origin has pushed back its production starting date.

The Australian reports production is now due to begin on March 15 in Dural, following a heads of department” meeting early last week, attended by executive producer David Dutton (MKR) and director Kate Douglas-Walker (The Chef’s Line, How Not to Behave).

The series, cheekily referred to as POO, is due to launch out of the Tokyo Olympics with Manu Feildel, Matt Preston and Gary Mehigan, although Seven had to halt referring to the former MasterChef judges due to contractual reasons.

The newspaper suggests Seven execs “have been panicked by the disastrous ratings of the network’s other big cooking show, My Kitchen Rules” and there is speculation it could be “more like MasterChef than MKR.”

However the format which pits cuisine against cuisine is probably closer to Family Food Fight and The Chef’s Line, amongst others. Seven is also said to have still been on the hunt for Lebanese cooks through Facebook -which could also contribute to any date change.

Meanwhile The Age reports Seven recently attempted to outsource the show to Endemol Shine Australia instead of producing it in-house, but didn’t land an agreement.

Seven declined to comment.

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  1. If they are wanting to draw viewers away from Masterchef, then the problem with the presenters is Gary and not Manu. Gary was on the nose for the past several seasons, and it is really Matt who kept the viewers.

  2. 1. Viewers don’t watch MKR and it tanks
    2. Viewers get bombarded with ads for POO during Olympics
    3. Viewers see that Manu is on POO and think this is an MKR clone
    4. Viewers are reminded of how MKR tanked and they avoid the show like festival portaloo (only when really desperate) – MKR’s poor ratings seem to have been widely reported
    5. Seven’s ratings return to second behind Nine after the Olympics – no post Olympics boost

    Step 1 is done, on to step 2…

  3. The whole concept for the show sounded like it was something desperately devised by a pack of drunks on the back of a cardboard coaster. Was it done just to say ‘we got Matt and Gary’? I can’t think of any other reason, especially given Seven had ratings data (and presumably some decision makers with common sense) which indicated both Masterchef and MKR were ageing formats with ageing male presenters whose popularity was waning. Meanwhile Melissa Doyle sits there twiddling her thumbs with no on air role. Gender wouldn’t be an issue!

    1. Agreed Ryan 1890 !
      They need new leadership !!
      That’s where the problem lies.
      They keep copying other shows because they don’t have a clue how to make entertaining light tv that we want to watch – James Warburton should clean that area out and start with fresh new talented people. He’s inherited a bunch of copy cats

  4. I think it’s a stretch to automatically assume another stripped cooking show will tank just because MKR has this year. However, they could probably stand to ditch Manu. To give this the best chance to succeed it’s doesn’t need that link to the failure that has been this current season of MKR.

  5. Surely it is beyond human conception that Seven will go ahead with another stripped cooking reality show so soon after the My Kitchen Rules fall? The viewers are sending a message – both this and whatever form Masterchef appears in this year are inevitably going to fail. I accept perhaps production is too far along to stop it but they could cut back or take a different approach at least if they want any decent ratings from this. The Olympics is also unlikely to be the panacea they seek.

  6. Have Seven thought that maybe Manu is part of the problem? If they are insisting on recreating Family Food Fight didn’t a Lebanese family win the first series?
    I think 7 would be better to look at Top Chef

        1. Yes and no. Masterchef originated in the UK no question. But it was Australian producers, under Mark & Carl Fennessy at Fremantle Media Aus at the time, who expanded the series into a stripped format. They first did this with The Biggest Loser for 10. Numerous other territories have since replicated the Australian production ever since, not the UK.

    1. While they have Matt Preston and Gary Mehigan perhaps Iron Chef Australia, it’s been ten years since Seven did it and surely it would carry more weight with those two than it did with Grant Denyer presenting (Mark Dacascos was good as the Chairman though).

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