Bachelor in Paradise to launch in non-ratings week

Update: TEN confirms premiere date of Sunday March 25.

Bachelor in Paradise looks set to launch in the week of March 25.

TEN is yet to announce a date, but in order to fulfill Logie Awards eligibility, it has to broadcast before Saturday March 31.

Unless it pulls something else from schedule it will have to debut in the first week of Easter non-ratings, likely to be Sunday March 25 given there are Family Feud specials in the schedule on Sunday & Monday in the preceding week.

The good news is that Married at First Sight should conclude before this so it may enjoy relatively clear oxygen. Unless Seven decides to spoil with MKR…..?

Update: Now confirmed 7:30pm Sunday March 25.

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  1. MKR is delivering its lowest ratings ever, so there is no “prestige” for Seven to protect by not airing it during Easter non-ratings. Also, with no MAFS, it may pick up some more viewers. Interesting to see that Ten appear to be moving away from the usual Wed/Thurs schedule for previous Bachelors, as Show Me The Movie is in the Thursday slot.Ten should not give MKR a clear break, and aim to have viewers move straight from MAFS to Bachelor in Paradise.

  2. Thank you universe that MAFS finishes soon as not a fan of using people’s relationship and drama to attract viewers. Love is between two people and be kept between two people (not in public or dramatised on TV).

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