Hughesy, We Have a Problem: Mar 6

Guests tonight on Hughesy, We Have a Problem include Sarah Harris, Luke McGregor, Meshel Laurie, Merrick Watts and Natarsha Belling.

Troubles with husbands, wives, parents and kids all come under the microscope on Hughesy, We Have A Problem tonight at 8.30pm, only on TEN and WIN Network.

On a night where no relationship is sacred, host Dave “Hughesy” Hughes and a panel of hilarious Australian entertainers discuss topics such as getting involved when your child is getting bullied, plastic surgery after raising children, working out with your partner and telling your dad you love him.

Helping Hughesy keep it all in the family are Studio 10’s Sarah Harris and comedians Luke McGregor, Meshel Laurie and Merrick Watts.

Also appearing tonight is TEN Eyewitness News and Studio 10’s Natarsha Belling, who is having trouble reining in her two boys, and Hughesy has a problem sinking his teeth into a problem at home.

8:30pm tonight on TEN.

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  1. Tuesday was my night..I used to watch stuff. now we get the “joy” of Hughesy and his teeth.. which he won’t have if I see him. Get the hell off my TV!

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