Jessica Rowe quits Studio 10

“I want to be a more present mother for my girls," says Jessica Rowe. "They need their mum."

Jessica Rowe has announced her departure from Studio 10 to spend more time with family.

An emotional Rowe told viewers, “I want to be a more present mother for my girls, Allegra and Giselle. They need their mum. I want to be there in the mornings for them, to take them to school. It is something that I need to do, it is as simple as that.”

“Peter (Overton) and I have spoken a lot about this over the past six months and it has weighed
on me because this the best job that I have ever had on television. It is family. It is a job that has allowed me to find my voice and my courage again and I will never forget that.

“When I told Paul Anderson, the CEO, of my decision earlier this week, he was incredibly supportive and understood my reasons with family and the network has been nothing but supportive and said any time I’m welcome back.”

Co-presenter Joe Hildebrand was in tears as Rowe made the announcement, and Denise Drysdale and Natarsha Belling also praised her efforts.

Network Ten Chief Content Officer, Beverley McGarvey, said: “Jess has been a vital member of the Studio 10 team since day one and I want to thank her for her passion, commitment and enthusiasm over the past four years.

“Our viewers and everyone at Network Ten are going to miss Jess, but we fully understand and support her decision. Thank you Jess, for everything.”

But the news comes at a time of recent backstage headlines for the show, including on-set tension and the firing of executive producer Rob McKnight.

McKnight, whois currently locked in a legal battle with TEN today tweeted the network had been seeking to fire Rowe. However Rowe’s management denied those claims.

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  1. Such a shame to see her go, the show wont be the same without her? I know alot of people have really valued her contributions on the topic of mental health & sharing her own struggles with it, myself included. Good luck Jess!

  2. Jess is our absolute favourite personality. She is honest,passionate and oh soo much fun to watch
    Big mistake Channel 10 if you let her go. Also Channel 10 go back to 2 hour Studio Ten. Show was much better then now too drawn out. Now with Jess gone so am I

  3. I will miss Jess. I was suprised she didn’t perhaps have the best of both worlds and maybe cut back to 1 or 2 mornings a week on Studio 10 rather than quit altogether. There is an absolutely horrible Facebook page targeted at her to leave Studio 10 so I’m sure they will all be celebrating. I reported the page as it was bullying at it’s finest – as others have too but it’s still there. I hope she hasn’t seen it – it’s horrendous the things they say!

    1. Really? I cant imagine why anyone, let alone a whole group of people, would want to target Jess like that. She is one of the nicest, most straight forward & charming people on tv, maybe her haters are jealous…

  4. Poor form by a former disgruntled EP to state that Jess was going to be sacked. Whether it’s true or not, which it doesn’t seem to be, why say something horrible like that about a presenter who is going to prioritise looking after her kids.

  5. I loved watching this lady from when I first became aware of her…when she did the TEN news with Ron Wilson (so miss him also, but still hear his lovely voice on radio)…..I did not watch her on Today…I rarely do morning TV…..I wish her well…and she will do well….

  6. Great decision. By the time you turn around they’re 19 and talk of ‘moving out’, to be seen only now and then. Husband Overton’s $800,000 per year (according to dailytelegraph.com.au so questionable, but…) $15,500 per week should still keep the kids fed.

  7. I actually can’t imagine ten wanting any of them to leave. the show is flawless and runs like a well oiled machine, it’s top rating and has gone from strength to strength. I wonder who will replace her or if they’ll just keep Tarsh on full time when Sarah returns

  8. Shame she is leaving. You can understand her decision though I assumed the balance in their family would have been quite nice with Peter able to handle morning school drop offs and duties before the nightly news and Jess being available for afternoon pick ups and evenings 🙂

    Hopefully she can make a semi-regular appearance on the program.

  9. I only watch studio 10 intermittently but I love Jess. I’ve loved her since her days briefly on Today & then Sunrise. As for Rob McKnight, can’t really blame him for being bitter, he’s been treated pretty shabbily.

  10. Didn’t see that coming, wishing Jess all the best in the next chapter of her life.

    As for Robs comment, there is a time and place for that discussion. Today is not one of those.

  11. What a shame, I love Jess, such a smart, funny, kind woman and a great advocate for mental health awareness. I can understand her wanting to do the day to day things with her girls and she’s lucky she can take the opportunity to do so. I hope she can be on Studio 10 on as a guest sometimes. Rob McKnight really needs to shut up, he is looking bitter and unprofessional. I’d be shocked if they wanted Jess to leave, she’s so popular and even if they did, why bring it up publicly now other than to humiliate her.

  12. Jess is one of those truly natural people, she’s crazy and fun, she lights up the room and her snort… but when it comes to it she is the most professional journalist and has absolute integrity. She will be missed on Studio 10

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