Jessica Rowe: “TEN have been really supportive of me”

The theories on why Jessica Rowe quit Studio 10 have been running hot since yesterday morning.

Rowe told viewers she was departing to spend more time with her family, particularly as daughters Allegra and Giselle were now at at an age where they needed their mother more present. The news was enough to turn Joe Hildebrand to tears…

Rumours were soon running rife, from journalists taking credit for her departure to gossip that TEN had been seeking to sack her.

But Rowe’s manager David Wilson said she had been offered another contract by TEN.

Yesterday Rowe also told News Corp “TEN have been really supportive of me and my need to step back. Even as late as last week, they gave me a new proposal with reduced hours, but ultimately, after discussing it again with the family, I decided that Allegra and Giselle came first at this time.

“Simple as that. I’ve had incredible support from people right across the TV industry today, and that means the world to me.”

Commitment to Studio 10 is heavy. Getting ready for work requires a wake-up at 5am and leaving the house before the rest of the family rises.

Meanwhile there are also other business opportunities for Rowe including her expanding Crap Housewife brand.

Rowe would be perfect for the female-skewing tendaily site, which already includes Lisa Wilkinson & Sandra Sully. But being off network contract allows her to explore independent opportunities, conference speaking and a fourth book with her publisher.

Rowe & pal Denise Drysdale are also due to launch a podcast together later this month.

While there are questions about whether Drysdale & Ita Buttrose will appear together on the show, attention will turn to who will replace her.

Look for short term solutions, while Natarsha Belling already part of the Studio 10 family would have to be considered a front-runner.

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  1. Don’t assume a front runner although Tarsh would be perfect, look at what Happened on Today, Deb Knight was over looked and pretty much dumped by the show.

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