Queensland campaigns for screen industry jobs

Film & TV professionals make it personal, pushing the federal govt to further support local production.

Screen professionals in Queensland are campaigning for the federal government to urgently increase the Location Offset from 16.5 per cent to 30 per cent.

In the last year, Queensland television series have included Harrow, Safe Harbour, Grace Beside Me, The Bureau of Magical Things, The Family Law, with Tidelands on the way for Netflix.

But 2 films, the reboot Tomb Raider and the The Fast and Furious spin-off, went offshore.

A major film, Dora the Explorer, currently wants to film in Queensland but will also film offshore if a deal cannot be reached by Friday.

“We have a short window of opportunity to put a more competitive deal on the table and secure our next international production,” said Screen Queensland CEO Tracey Vieira.

“Queensland is fortunate to have a supportive Premier and state government who are going above and beyond in offering incentives to attract international productions. However, we can’t do it alone and need the Australian Government to increase the Location Offset or we lose another major film.

“Australia now has the lowest location incentive in the world and as such we are missing out on big productions and thousands of jobs

“This is not about giving big Hollywood studios money, but rather it’s about creating real jobs and investing in Queensland people and businesses, and creating pathways for younger people coming out of university,” said Vieira.

“What countries like New Zealand, South Africa, Canada and of course the U.S. realise is that by offering higher incentives for offshore productions, they help their local industry by creating jobs, retaining and upskilling crew, and building infrastructure. They also generate post production, digital visual effects and animation work.”

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