Renewed: The Good Doctor

No surprises here.

US drama The Good Doctor has been renewed for a second season.

As in Australia, the show has been a broad hit in the US where it attracts 9.8 million viewers and wins the all-important 18-49 demo. That makes if the biggest new hit of the US season, and the second highest-rated show for ABC, behind only Grey’s Anatomy.

The Good Doctor’s message of inclusiveness resonates with our viewers and is a hallmark of what we aim to accomplish here at ABC,” said Channing Dungey, president of ABC Entertainment. “This series has quickly joined the zeitgeist and broken records in the competitive television landscape. We are thrilled to announce that Dr. Shaun Murphy will be back for another season.”

Meanwhile star Freddie Highmore is in Australia for a promotional visit this week, appearing on Sunrise Live at 7:40am tomorrow.

“With this being my first trip to Australia, I’m very much looking forward to exploring a country that I have always dreamed of visiting,” he said recently.

“I am likewise excited to meet all those who have so warmly embraced The Good Doctor. Thanks for having me!”

Source: Variety


  1. Interestingly Grey’s Anatomy was advertised this week on TV! I couldn’t believe it! And ratings are higher than some 8.30 dramas on ABC & 10! Given it’s in its 14th year it’s even impressive even by Australian standards. David, what numbers does Grey’s pull in the US? I recall a post a year or so ago it rated on par with NCIS from memory.

    • Greys is doing much better than NCIS at the moment. It is averaging a 2.1 in the 18-49 demo with 7.97 million viewers, up from last season. Meanwhile NCIS’s average is a 1.4 with 13.2 million viewers.

      • The Good Doctor is ABC’s 2nd best rating drama averaging 1.8 (18-49). It’s ratings are dropping though, the last episode rated 1.3 with 7.8m viewers. They’d already started reworking it writing out Lea, moving Schiff’s character in the background and introducing a new surgeons and 2 residents as recurring characters. This gives them more characters to involve the stories of the week, and is turning into a more traditional competition between residents show.

    • Seven has been promoting Greys quite a bit. The 1st episode been rating well (with a TGD lead in) the later one not so much. Seven is now running 5 hours of medical dramas across Mon & Tues trying to claw back some of what they are losing to MAFS. They seem to have timed it right with enough episodes to get them to the Commonwealth Games.

    • It seems Grey’s has been as high as 8.93 million and as low as 7.32 million this season, it seems about average with last season in the US and slightly higher as an average on season 12. Considering US dramas do not rate generally as high as they used to and The Good Doctor is dispelling this myth, it seems Greys is enjoying a small resurgence, although most people I know that did watch it, didn’t realise it was still going…

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