Returning: Australian Spartan

Unaired episodes of Australian Spartan return, as promised, to Seven during Easter non-ratings.

Three episodes will screen.

Sunday, March 25 at 7.00pm Finals Decider
Monday, March 26 at 7.30pm Semi Final
Monday, April 2 at 7.30pm Grand Final

Seven indicates 15 teams in the Finals Decider will compete for five remaining places in the Semi Final.

10 teams will appear in the Grand Final with the top 2 competing for the $150,000 prize.

Updated: However, there are some changes from the original broadcast plans, with Seven retitling a third Heat as a “Finals Decider”, with 15 of 20 teams in the final edit.

At least the season will conclude, and in a family friendly timeslot.

Now all Seven has to do is figure out where to screen Season 2 which TV Tonight revealed was also filmed at the same time (thanks to a cluey audience member / reader!).


  1. I just can’t understand why this show failed and people watched Married at First Sight instead. MAFS was the show which should have failed.

  2. Looks like Seven was way too confident with Spartan when they filmed two seasons at once. You can’t emulate Ninja Warrior and expect a hit…

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