Returning: Australian Spartan

Adrenalin series Australian Spartan will finally see its second season screening next week, with 7mate having scheduled it on Wednesday nights.

The series by Matchbox Pictures & Eureka was Seven’s big play after the runaway success of Australian Ninja Warrior.

Two seasons were filmed back to back in Brisbane in late 2017.

But a 2018 season failed to fire, with Seven yanking it from schedule before resuming in a new slot.

That left the second season sitting on the shelf, destined for summer or a multichannel.

Hosted by Edwina Bartholomew and Hamish McLachlan, with Wendell Sailor as the sideline reporter, it now gets a playout from 7:30pm Wednesday November 6 on 7mate.


  1. Seven have shoved Australian Spartan to late night from tonight, must’ve still flopped hard. The Simpsons re-runs, etc back from 7:30pm. Wonder how much money they lost from the failed series!?

  2. The problem with Australian Spartan was that it was a carbon copy of ANW – just in a team environment. It had the same setting as ANW, the courses looked similar and it had similar hosts – and viewers saw right through it as trying to piggyback off ANW. They really needed to create an outdoor course like the American spartan version to differentiate it from ANW.

  3. Such a shame 7 ballsed this up coz it had real potential to feed the ANW hunger. But it looked cheap and tacky, had terrible pacing and it was difficult to give a stuff about the teams with how they were presented.

  4. Great. I really don’t understand the attraction of Ninja Warrior, which basically uses women as cannon fodder by making them compete individually against men.

    Spartan with men and women teamed together is the way to go for me.

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