Returning: The Front Bar

The Front Bar returns to Seven next week for its AFL edition.

Featuring Mick Molloy, Sam Pang and Andy Maher it returns 9pm Wednesday March 21 in Melbourne, Adelaide & Perth.

It will screen at 12:30am Thursday on 7mate in Sydney & Brissy.

The show will also be having Commonwealth Games editions soon.


  1. Awesome… Love this show. Funniest Footy show on TV. We used to get it on late here in SA not too long ago and now we basically get it live. Hopefully & will get it right for our Syd/Brissy friends too.

  2. Enjoyed the Winter Olympics version and was going to AFL version ago but 12.30am? Will just have to record as usual…

    Which reminds me though – the annoying thing about recording anything after midnight is the adult ads -usually not a problem if your playing back at night but if you playing back during the day and leaving on with kids around and not fast forwarding ads (eg doing stuff around the house as in sitting down watching a show) – you don’t want to have your kids asking what “naughty boy” is!

  3. 12:30am on 7mate for Sydney and Brisbane? Gee, the previous ratings must’ve been non-existent. A shame for the AFL fans in NSW/QLD though, 7Plus live streaming probably a better option (change the location)? Don’t understand why even 11pm 7mate or something wouldn’t be chosen, not like much contributes to share at that time anyway.

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