TEN shows beaten by SBS

TEN’s very long week awaiting Bachelor in Paradise is only just getting started.

Last night its 7:30, 8:30 & 9:30 shows were last in their slot, behind SBS. Interest in Family Feud specials have twice trailed their daily edition, with not enough thought into distinct casting.

Married at First Sight continues to power to its finale tomorrow at a whopping 1.53m viewers, winning all demos and all cities. That was well up on last Monday’s 1.26m and half a million in front of MKR‘s 996,000. Australian Story and 7:30 followed, then Great British Royal Ships on SBS. All Star Family Feud languished at 204,000.  But TEN would go lower still.

By 9pm Travel Guides enjoyed its best ever numbers at an impressive 811,000 ahead of Media Watch / Four CornersThe Resident and Michael Mosley on SBS. Law & Order: SVU drew a low 158,000 at 8:30, with 159,000 for the 9:30 edition.

At least the overall network share was up on Sunday. Fingers crossed for its new Show Me the Movie and Gogglebox combo on Thursday….

Meanwhile curiosity in Today show drama pushed it slightly ahead of Sunrise in the morning.

Nine News, ACA and The Chase all won their slots.

Nine network won Monday with 34.2% then Seven 30.7%, ABC 17.4%, TEN 11.3% and SBS 6.4%.

Married at First Sight was #1 for Nine with 1.53m viewers then Nine News (1.01m / 963,000), A Current Affair (943,000), Travel Guides (811,000) and Hot Seat (479,000 / 297,000). Footy Classified returned to 158,000 in 3 cities and 100% Footy was 82,000 in 2 cities.

My Kitchen Rules (996,000) was best for Seven then Seven News (985,000 / 976,000), Home and Away (684,000), The Chase (573,000 / 373,000) and The Resident (402,000 / 324,000).

ABC News (747,000) topped ABC’s night followed by Australian Story (652,000), 7:30 (602,000), Media Watch and Four Corners (both 588,000), Q&A (452,000)and Think Tank (198,000).

The Project (479,000 / 306,000) led a tough night for TEN. Next were TEN Eyewitness News (412,000) and Family Feud (274,000). But All Star Family Feud (204,000), and Law and Order: SVU (159,000 / 158,000) were beyond saving.

On SBS it was Great British Royal Ships (229,000), Michael Mosley: Trust Me, I’m a Doctor (204,000), 24 Hours in Emergency (170,000) and SBS World News (149,000).

Peter Rabbit on ABC KIDS hopped to the top of multichannels at 180,000.

Today: 259,000
Sunrise: 257,000
News Breakfast: 118,000 / 53,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 19 March 2018


  1. I am still waiting for the total refresh of Tens channels , update lgos, new themed channels , new daytime , content and whats with the primary channel still having home shopping in HD , from midnight till 5am , why not have breakaway program like they did , when the first went HD before ,if that doesn’t scream lazy programing what doesn’t ????

  2. Looking at these program selections it appears confirmed that the strategy preferred by the major networks of making budget quiz shows and reality TV has become the standard commercial revenue earner and hoped saviour for the future of FTA television, The SBS do need a pat on the back for showing some grit with it’s own more adventurous programming and streaming app strategy, something that the commercial broadcasters are ridiculously slow to see the potential of, which is rather foolish with Disney soon to add more streaming content to our TV screens.

  3. I knew that there were not a lot of people watching Family Feud. I checked out the hashtag #allstarfamilyfeud on twitter and the only users tweeting about it were the show’s official account and Grant’s wife.

  4. Been saying it for a while Ten has to address the 6.00 to 7.30pm time slot. How l don’t know but its vital to ensure shows aired from 7.30pm get a good lead-in.

    • I still say ‘lead in’ is irrelevant, people don’t watch a show based on what is follows, people watch a show because they want to, and ten simply doesn’t have shows people want to watch, the way in which we consume content has changed, yet the model in which broadcast decisions & ratings are gathered has not. As has the content of what we watch has changed, sitcoms & serial drama was big in the late 90’s, not relevant anymore, we want quick disposable entertainment, binge on MAFS & forget about it 2 days after its finished. Simple really.

        • that is what I was arguing, I do think it is, possibly not with older audiences, but a younger demographic I truly believe it doesn’t matter, love your efforts btw, feel kinda special when the man himself responds to my comments 🙂

          • For me the lead in is irrelevant. I’ll watch a show because it’s good and I want to watch it, not because I was watching the show on before it.

          • Lead-in has been an issue for me recently with ABC radio. Because I distinctly dislike the offering at 12.30pm, I turn the radio off, but then I forget to turn it back on at 2pm, and keep missing my favourite presenter. So “lead-in” can work in reverse, if you turn away and forget to turn back.

      • How can a top rating show not be a lead-in for the next. For example MAFS last night rated 1.5mil of viewers and that carries onto the next show. Yes u can use the remote n change channels but some audience will stay. Some people may sample the next show and could well get hooked.

      • Maev....Sydney

        I watched Michael Mosley on SBS….not because it was something I intended to…but it was sandwiched between British Ships and 24 Hrs in A & E….Turns out ..it was well worth watching…..so maybe it is a valid point to have something really good there on TEN..no idea what though?!?

  5. CBS just has to follow their countries President and start firing a few people at 10 starting with Bev McGarvey. She has just not delivered. I am sure their are others, but she’s the content boss. To have a show like the Project, which deserves 30 mins. at most, as the top rater is just not good enough. In fact Ch.7 would have it off the air with those numbers. Not to mention the dud hiring of Ms Wilkinson, well anyone could have told them that. They have started the year with absolutely no momentum, a factor so crucial to TV, a beast with so much time to fill. Next year they have got to kick off with Masterchef and then bring in all the “love” shows, although by then people may have got tired of them. Anyway they have to do something drastic and CBS with all their resources should be able to do that. In the meantime start off by bringing Neighbours back to the main channel, it is…

    • Whilst programming decisions do stop at the stop, the problem goes deeper than a single individual and speak to budgets in production, marketing etc. Nine & Seven spend more on local production than TEN, which has relied heavily on US imports, but then lost FOX contract. Not correct to say no momentum, BBL did well over summer. Contract for Neighbours would need to be revisited given the fee is for multichannel playout.

      • Yes David BBL did do well over the summer,but it is not in the proper ratings period. MKR and Married are still going. A Jungle show that only last 6 weeks and is a very dicey proposition does not last long enough and Is too big a risk to start the season, as this years show proved. A whole lot of nobodies sitting around a campfire being nice to each other. What an expensive way to give people “ life changing” experiences when no one else cares. Of course there are other execs. who should go, but she’s the boss and has to take responsibility.
        I would be very surprised if CBS with all their skills couldn’t re negotiate Neighbours contract.
        Don’t get me wrong, my life has been Television and I don’t like to see Ch. 10 fail.

  6. Married At First Sight’s performance is even more impressive in the sense it is well in front in traditional Seven/MKR markets of Adelaide and especially Perth.

    Half a million in one market last night too!

  7. So the SVU repeat outrated the new episode? Probably a fair indication it belongs at 9.30. The issue is, what on earth goes before it? Masterchef/HYBPA cannot come soon enough for Ten.

    • By 1,000 viewers, hardly any sort of indication that timeslot matters. Clearly viewers aren’t interested in SVU anymore. Other US dramas doing a lot better, including The Resident last running against it

      • If SVU was on 7 and The Resident was on 10 then The Resident would be doing 160k, not SVU.
        The point is, the US programming belongs at 9.30. So Masterchef and HYBPA can’t come quick enough for 10.

    • Ten should never have moved it from Thursday’s to Saturday’s. I, along with many others simply stopped watching. And for some reason, they don’t put it on Tenplay for catch up either.

  8. Noted Georgie Gardner was out of the studio this morning, reporting on the bushfires. Really hoping it was her choice and that she won’t be given the push to protect Karl.

      • Pretty much like last week when Georgie and Ben Fordham were hosting. Much more relaxed when Karl wasn’t there. Karl seems to be very unpopular on social media at the moment. Maybe they’re trying to boost his image a bit. ?

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