Denise Scott, Angela Bishop join Studio 10 team

As revealed by TV Tonight, Denise Scott is now confirmed to join Studio 10 along with Angela Bishop now as a permanent part of the team.

They step in following the departures of Jessica Rowe and Ita Buttrose.

Denise Scott said: “I’ve always wanted to host a morning television show and now it’s happening at 63.
“As I always say kids, hang on to your dreams! If it doesn’t happen in your 20s, it’ll happen in your 60s.”

Angela Bishop said: “I am so excited to join this amazing team. I love the idea of mixing the unpredictability of live television with my entertainment reporting from red carpets and hotel rooms around the world. I can’t wait to start.”

Angela and Denise will join acclaimed reporter and presenter Sarah Harris, media firebrand Joe Hildebrand and entertainment and television icon Denise Drysdale for compelling conversation, headline-making interviews and laugh-out-loud moments.

In her 29 years at Network TEN, Angela Bishop has established herself as one of Australia’s most respected entertainment reporters and journalists.

She has been at the forefront of entertainment news, reporting from red carpets, breaking news stories and winning the trust of Hollywood’s A-list to deliver the exclusive scoops.

Angela has been a close friend of Studio 10 and will join the panel full-time from Monday. She will also continue her role as entertainment reporter for TEN Eyewitness News First At Five and other TEN programs.

With sell-out tours, two best-selling books and multiple awards, comedian and actress Denise Scott brings a wealth of experience to the Studio 10 panel, along with her quick wit and unique brand of comedy.

Having started in the industry nearly 30 years ago, Denise has been a regular and welcomed guest on Network Ten shows including Good News Week, The Project and Hughesy, We Have a Problem. Denise will join the panel every second week, alternating with Denise Drysdale.

Along with the new line-up, Studio 10 will be bringing more headlines from around the world and more entertainment news to keep your mornings informed.

And from Monday, viewers also have a chance to win $1,000 an hour in “Get Your Hand On A Grand”.
After registering with the code word given out the day before, one lucky viewer will be called live. If they do not answer within four rings, the money will jackpot to the next hour. If no one picks up, the last hour will offer a $3,000 jackpot.

8:30am weekdays on TEN.


  1. Give denise scott a chance.she hasn’t even started yet. 2 denises now.could get a bit confusing. Hehe.i think Joe has a great sense of humour.i guess everyone has a different opinion. I will continue to switch between 7,9 and 10.i dont hang around for stories i dont like.i own a remote you know.hehehe

  2. Ten really know how to wreck a programme it’s aweful now . It’s true you get what you pay for and these two must come cheap for ten both new recruits are not tV presenters material .neither has the personality of a Jessica who was always bubbly and full of life and as for Denise over Ita .sorry but Ita has class and is respected by all Denise is boring her jokes are dated and has no real knowledge of anything she can’t carry a conversation..

  3. i really like both of them & i reckon their inclusion might just save the show since they lost 2 popular members with Jess & Ita. I much prefer Natarsha Belling as a host but i know she was just filling in for Sarah on maternity leave, never liked her, can’t put my finger on why though. Joe has too go unless he changes his ways with talking over everyone & the lame jokes!

  4. Enjoy Denise Drysdale’s work on the show and her vibrant personality but feel she needs to do more research sometimes particularly for the hot topics. Joe and Ita previously always appeared to have thoroughly researched topics whereas Denise sometimes appears to have a basic and limited knowledge of topics.

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