1. Maev....Sydney

    Noni’s journey was just incredible…if you did not watch…you should check it out on SBS On Demand….
    I also watch Insight…it got me in…very interesting….

  2. Ch 10 did very well with their promos for BIP…. Everyone was saying OMG Megan and Elora get it on in the water… And while they never came out and said it, it was very clever promotion when it actually turned out to be Megan and Canadian Thomas…. Yet people didnt feel cheated… Well played Ch 10…

  3. harrypotter1994

    I saw the first half of ‘Interview’ while on a break at work and was really enjoying it. I’ll be catching the rest via catch up. Shame the numbers weren’t bigger.

  4. So happy that Interview won its timeslot. We need more shows like this on TV. Given that both interviews were pre-recorded, why didn’t Seven promote the talent on the show? I would have watched any way, but it still deserved promotion of the guests themselves.

    • They filmed several interviews in advance and made decisions in the last few days about what would comprise the first episode. That said, they did have teasers that indicated the questions but not the the guests they had settled on (Denton confirmed some in radio chats). It will be interesting to see if they change tactics as it proceeds. It’s pretty hard to keep these things quiet when you have an audience. We should also see the bloody audience too, with Q&A style shots, that was a missed opportunity.

      • I went to the filming of this on Monday night and they filmed us applauding for the intro for this episode (you’ll see the set is different when they interview the Campbell sisters on the Gold Coast). After the first interview I could see how tired everyone was, the lady next to me was cradling her head and wanted to go home lol.

  5. Bach is still the most watched show on channel 10 .. wonder how it goes with regional and catch up added , but it’s hitting its target audience nightly , so still deserves claps and stuff ?

  6. Watched ‘interview’ and thought Cate and Bronte were not the best opening choice for a new show IMO, but stayed tuned in. Was about to get up to go to bed and Robert Plant drew me back in. Was there no plugging for his interview as it surprised me! Thoroughly enjoyed his interview. Not too many ads which was pleasing. Obviously MKR had all the ads! I wish it started at 8.30 on the ABC but such as life. Can’t control that! Nice to have something different on the box.

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