“I’ve got a big bag of Brussel Sprouts and nothing to do with them!”

Denise Drysdale was asked on radio today if she would miss Ita Buttrose on Studio 10, but admitted “No.”

“I’ve got a big bag of Brussel Sprouts (sic) and nothing to do with them,” she joked.

Speaking to Grant Denyer at HIT FM’s Em, Grant and Ed, the TV veteran was asked about yesterday’s awkward episode.

“The show as we know it is not the same anymore,” she said referring to Jessica Rowe and Ita Buttrose leaving.

“It’s a different show. You’ve got 2 totally different people who have gone, all adding to the difference to the show.

“But I’m sure we’ll pick up, announcing a new member. I don’t know when that’s being done but I know her and I think she’s fabulous and very funny, so that’s all I can say about that. It’s head down, bum up, as usual.”

Asked about her silence when Ita Buttrose was departing, she attributed it to ANZAC Day and a segment on famous war movies.

“Having been to Vietnam and having a close association with the Vietnam vets, that feeling gets stronger every year.”

Referring to young Diggers she added, “It really gets me, and I think as you get older you get more emotional about it.”

On Tuesday TV Tonight exclusively announced Buttrose’s exit and tipped Denise Scott to join the morning show.


  1. What a shame to see a show that once was entertaining, informative and different, implode.
    It is disappointing to see so much negative surrounding the show from feuds to court cases.

  2. They need to get Jane Turner’s infamous “Fast Forward” character as a guest panelist on “Studio 10” next time Denise is on. Denise could use the opportunity to get a couple of things off her chest.

  3. Well i guess the truth really is stranger than fiction then & i must concede ‘brussel sprout’ gate was indeed real. I still cant help but thinking there maybe something else that happened that was the real upset & they kinda came up with it to cover the real reason for the tension between Ita & Denise.

  4. At least the Daily Mail gave you the credit for the story David. I was browsing through their site when they put the story up so like a good little TVtonighter (haha) I came straight here to confirm it. From there it spread like wildfire. So you have a ‘secret source’ at channel 10?? Its a shame but I think the extra hour hasn’t done the show any favours and is dying a slow death.

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