Susie Porter joins Wentworth

EXCLUSIVE: Renowned actress Susie Porter has joined the sixth season of Wentworth.

The Seven Types of Ambiguity, Puberty Blues & Pulse star will play feared crime matriarch Marie Winter, originally portrayed on Prisoner by Maggie Millar.

Marie is a seducer and the lynch pin behind a diverse sex trafficking and prostitution industry.  But despite controlling a criminal empire, she has never been to jail, always managing to cleverly remain at arm’s length from the law until now with her sentence pending for Assault – Reckless infliction of grievous bodily harm.

Susie Porter said,”I absolutely loved working on Wentworth season 6. It’s amazing to be part of such female driven show. The storylines are full of twists and turns and the stakes are always high. It’s just so much fun to be part of it.”

Foxtel will announce a returning airdate later today.

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