UK hopes to reboot Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em

UK writer Raymond Allen, who created Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em, is working on new scripts in the hope the classic comedy can be revived.

A stage version with actor Joe Pasquale has opened in the UK in February to strong reviews.

“I am in talks to get the show back on TV and working closely with the original writer Raymond Allen,” Pasquale has said.

“For two years I’ve been working closely with Ray to get this script where it is.”

The comedian and actor, said he has been “encouraged by the response of TV execs.”

The sitcom classic originally ran on TV from 1973 to 1978 with Michael Crawford & Michele Dotrice, who briefly reprised their characters for a 2016 special for Sport Relief.

Source: Express


  1. Please no. There has been enough failed reboots on UK. The new porridge lasted a season. Young Hyacinth (New keeping up appearances) and Are you being served lasted a special episode. There is four new episodes of the generation game and after 1 episode lost 2 million viewers. Ironically The New Price Is Right hosted by Alan Carr and Blind Date hosted by Paul O’grady seem to have worked with the audience….

  2. Might work on stage but would be a disaster having anyone play Michael Crawford’s role on TV. Would much rather see a spin-off based around his daughter developed continuing on from the excellent Sport Relief special.

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