9GO! reveals Love Island cast

(L-R) Natasha, 24, Beauty Salon Owner from Perth; Tayla, 21, Beauty Queen from Perth; Erin, 23, Nurse from Melbourne; Cassidy, Bartender, 23, from Melbourne; Millie, 24, Doggy Daycare Worker from Sydney;

Nine has ‘revealed’ the 10 cast members who will enter Love Island on Sunday night.

5 guys and 5 girls will kick off the 9GO! series hosted by Sophie Monk and filmed at a luxury villa in Mallorca, Spain and put to air 24 hours later in Australia.


(L – R) Charlie, 22, International Rugby Player from Sydney; Eden, 25, Prison Officer from Sydney; Justin, 27, International Model from Melbourne; Grant, 22, Electrician from Canberra; and Josh, 25, Sports Administrator from Sydney.

They are all hoping to find romance, passion and hopefully the one. The Islanders immediately ‘couple up’ and share a bed with each other, resulting in either a recipe for disaster, or a saucy dish full of sugar and spice. But don’t think for a minute they can get too comfortable, with new Islanders regularly entering the villa to test all the relationships.

And no need to feel like the third wheel – fans can actively join in too! With viewers playing Cupid via the official Love Island Australia App, they decide who hooks up and who breaks up, and can save their faves and dump the duds. It’s the ultimate voyeurism to warm up the chilly nights.

At the end of the series, the winning couple (as voted by the public) is handed a pot of money to start their new lives together, but there’s a catch: one is given the chance to share the money or walk away with it all for them self. Were they after love or money all along?

Sunday – Thursday 8:30pm on 9GO! from May 27.


  1. I am not seeing a lot of hype for this. While it is nice that 9 are taking a risk in launching a 5-night reality show on Go!, I would not be surprised if it gets cancelled mid-season in response to low ratings.

    • That has never happened to a reality show since Last Resort years ago, so I can’t see it happening. On their Facebook and Instagram pages there is heaps of hype for this.

      • The Last Resort (and the Biggest Loser: Transformed), were both from last year and in both cases, continued to air (in weird timeslots) as the episodes had been pre-produced. As Love Island isn’t pre-produced, I would think that they would abruptly stop it, possibly without a winner.

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