Delta vs Delta showdown

This weekend The Voice and Olivia go head to head for around 30 minutes.

It may only have been around 9 minutes head to head last Sunday but this weekend Delta Goodrem shows will battle in the same timeslot for 30 – 45 minutes.

Nine’s Live Voice showcase is timed to wrap at 9pm -unlikely to finish on time in any realistic scenario.

Meanwhile Part 2 of Olivia Newton John: Hopelessly Devoted to You is due to begin at 8:30pm after House Rules (also unlikely).

But for around half an hour both shows will be competing. Nine ranked highest last Sunday and will be hoping the Live element gives them the edge.

Seven’s miniseries has more drama to play with in Part II but the reactions have been mixed.

May the best Delta win.

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  1. That amuses me. Especially when in the past Nine wasn’t even letting Seven air anything about it while Delta had a contract with them. Well live Delta/real Delta beats Delta playing a character in my books (still haven’t watched last week’s Olivia) but don’t plan on watching either live. The Voice is far better recorded so you can skip through the boring bits & constant ads

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