Doctor Blake fans worried by “New Beginning”

More detail has emerged on The Blake Mysteries which sees Jean (Nadine Garner) turn mystery-solver …but fans who were pivotal in the show’s future are not happy.

The Blake Mysteries: A New Beginning, understood to be the first of 4 telemovies, begins shooting in Victoria on May 28 for the Seven network.

A synopsis indicates:

It’s been almost three years since we last saw Jean and a hell of a lot has happened in that time. Jean and Blake were married for only 18 months when Blake went missing. Since then Jean has taken on her husband’s mantle as, a solver of mysteries. Murder, mayhem and Jean Blake are a potent mix and anything can and will happen.

In ABC’s finale Nadine Garner’s housekeeper married Lucien Blake (Craig McLachlan) but in the months that followed its screening McLachlan has been at the centre of allegations he is currently fighting in court.

The December Media production appeared to be derailed but producers found a path to forge ahead around the newly-married Mrs. Blake, as a way of contractually retaining key cast & creatives.

But is this a one-off to buy more time whilst McLachlan addresses legal matters, or a sign of more?

The very vocal Blake Army, whose campaign was pivotal in the show being rescued after the ABC axing, are torn by the “New Beginning” to keep the show alive and are speaking out on social media.

No charges have been laid against McLachlan.

NB: Please note no comments will be published in relation to allegations.


  1. I would love to see Craig back. The whole show is brilliant and to have the band back together would be great. Let’s hope that Craig will be back soon.

  2. It seems to me the hardest part will be making the disappearance of the doctor seem believable. And also make it believable that a wife whose husband has disappeared would blithely go out solving murders. All sounds a bit weak to me, but congratulations to the writers if they can make it work.

  3. At least this keeps the rest of the cast & crew (etc) together while other things go on.
    If Seven want to keep the show, this is how they cover all bases.
    Personally, I like the idea presented & I will watch.

  4. thedirtydigger

    Hey, – I’ve got a great idea – let’s make Batman without Batman ! Who needs Iron Man – or Super Man or anyone really , even Dr Blake is expendable !
    Really this is destined to fail big time, you bubble headed boobies.
    Why don’t they just bin the concept and move on ?
    The desperation is palpable, all that Screen Oz funding going to waste …

  5. Maev....Sydney

    I read somewhere…that they are doing this, to keep the cast together…actors cannot hang on forever without working….at least this way…Craig will have a show to come back to…just saying….I also want Craig back.

  6. Does anyone remember Scottish Crime drama ‘Taggert’? After actor playing the lead role of Taggert died, the drama successfully continued for years without changing the title. It can be done.

    • On the other hand, ‘Rebus’ tried to carry on after the great John Hannah left the show and it folded after one more season…

      • Not quite the same & not quite true. In Rebus they replaced the character with another actor – the role of Taggert was never recast. And Ken Stott played the role of Rebus in ten episodes opposed to four by Hannah. It ran for three more seasons after Hannah left the first.

        • Apologies-not ‘Rebus’ but ‘McCallum’ was the series that Hannah left, replaced by another actor/character as lead but attempted to carry on the title.

          • You were right the first time, Hannah appeared in the first season of ITV’s Rebus, then quit. Ken Stott took over. Rankin hated the show so much that he stopped writing Rebus novels until the TV rights had expired. Hannah appeared in both seasons (S2 didn’t air in Australia) as Dr McCallum, a forensic scientist, then quit. They tried one special ep. with Nathaniel Parker taking over as Dr Gallagher, but it wasn’t successful.

  7. I won’t be enthusiastic about this at all. Not happy with this idea. I’m reminded again of the poor Mrs Columbo spin-off after the successful Columbo detective series.

  8. Anyone remember ‘Mrs Columbo’ (yes it was a thing, briefly)-always a problem to have a show named after the central character if something goes wrong…

  9. Seven explained why, if they don’t make a TVM this year everyone is off contract and the show is officially cancelled. But they don’t want to risk casting McLachlan and his defamation suit will put it all back into the media regardless of the result. So they make one without McLachlan and then hopefully 3 with him later when things are resolved.

  10. I suppose the producers are trying to do the best for everyone involved with the show including the fans, plainly the preparation was advanced enough that money was at risk or the logical option of a cancellation of The Doctor Blake Mysteries would have proceeded, especially without main title character involved.

  11. Let’s be positive and go ahead with this. I would like to know how they pan this out. I like Jean (Nadine Garner) so i will still follow. If there is any chance that Craig will be back before the end of the 4 films to rejoin the cast and the show, I would say let’s hope for the best and fans stay in support. I think Craig would appreciate that.

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