Logie Awards 2019: who missed out?

Rove McManus, Andrew Denton, Family Feud -some of TV's biggest names are snubbed in Logie voting.

Some of TV’s biggest names have been snubbed in 2019 voting for the Logie Awards.

Gold Logie winner Rove McManus and former Gold nominees Andrew Denton, Kerri-Anne Kennerley & Paul McDermott were nowhere to be seen when the list of potential candidates was published yesterday by TV Week.

For McManus, hosting Show Me the Movie!, Bring Back Saturday Night and Whovians it was a triple snub unsubmitted by 2 networks.

Family Feud -which landed Grant Denyer a Gold win in 2018- is also not up for contention despite screening until late July.

Networks are invited to submit talent names and shows for public voting, but caps on each category mean every year there are names that miss out. Sometimes that can place network publicity departments in impossible situations about ‘which child they love more’…..

That could be remedied somewhat with a simple “Other” alternative but it hasn’t been offered since the days of magazine coupons.

Amongst the list of absent names are:

Tom Ballard, Dannii Minogue, Glenn Robbins, Shelley Craft, Richard Wilkins, Sam Newman, Liz Hayes, Ed Kavalee, Sam Pang, Mick Molloy, Stan Grant, Chris Bath, Mark Bouris, Tony Jones (both Nine & ABC presenters), Tom Steinfort, Sylvia Jeffreys, Sarah Ferguson, Patrick Abboud, Adam Liaw, Todd Sampson, Russel Howcroft, Paul Barry, Scott Tweedie, Olivia Phyland, Ioan Gruffudd, Mirrah Foulkes, Remy Hii, Shareena Clanton, Kitty Flanagan, Shane Crawford, Tommy Little, Hamish McDonald, Laurence Boxhall, Robyn Butler, Mark Humphries, Miguel Maestre, Barry DuBois, Matt Moran, Anna Polyviou, Tom Parker-Bowles, Ricardo Goncalves, Basil Zempilas, Monique Wright, Justine Schofield.

Principal casts have been overlooked including Shark Tank (except for Sarah Harris), Studio 10 (except for Sarah Harris), Rake (except for Richard Roxburgh),  The Heights cast (except Marcus Graham) Mad as Hell cast (except for Shaun Micallef), Escape from the City (except for Jane Hall), The Front Bar cast, AFL Footy Show cast (Eddie McGuire is listed for Hot Seat), The Blake Mysteries (except for Nadine Garner) and casts for 60 Minutes, Whovians, The Checkout, and Invictus Games (Dylan Alcott is in New Talent for The Set).

Missing out in the Actor, Actress & Presenter categories rules you out of Gold Logie contention.

A number of shows are also absent. There is a trend towards not including axed shows as publicity depts. prefer to focus on continuing series.

They include:

Interview with Andrew Denton, Dance Boss, Bondi Rescue, The Drum, Harrow, Buying Blind, Whovians, The Loop, Bodyhack, Invictus Games, Tomorrow Tonight, The Checkout, Tonightly with Tom Ballard, Family Feud, Think Tank, NRL Footy Show, Game of Games, Matter of Fact, Media Watch, The Mentor, Back with the Ex, Go Back to Where You Came From Live, Filthy Rich & Homeless, The Single Wives, Operation Live and ScreenPLAY.

Shows and talent which appeared as part of Pilot Week are also absent.

Amongst other surprising entries Joe Jonas is a candidate for Most Popular New Talent for The Voice along with former Bachelor Tim Robards for his acting role on Neighbours. Good luck to emerging actors competing against established fanbases….

Netflix also has its first candidates thanks to Tidelands. Community TV appears to have missed out.

BBC drama The Cry, which ABC considers a “minority co-production” and the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest, which includes feed vision produced by the European Broadcasting Union, plus branded content travel show Helloworld are also eligible.

The eligibility period for airing is April 1 2018 to March 31 2019.

This post updates.

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  1. I think it makes sense that Rove wasn’t included. He hasn’t had a hit show in a long while. When he first came out he was heralded as a new Bert Newton, I don’t feel he has reached anywhere near that status. Ten do have a number of great live presenters though in Amanda Keller, Dave Hughes, Julia and Chris, Grant Denyer.

  2. Bruce McAvaney isn’t nominated either, despite some talk recently on why he hasn’t been nominated for the Gold before…..

    Surprised that some national News-Readers aren’t listed either, including Anton Enus and Janice Peterson (SBS News); Michael User (Seven’s Late News);and Chris Bath (Ten News)

    ABC’s Planet America and Chas Licciadello and John Barron aren’t there, neither are the cast of Gardening Australia (bar Costa), or Seven’s Better Homes and Gardens (bar Joh Griggs). SBS’s Mike Tomalaris (SBS Sports) not there either. I’m sure there are many others not listed too.

  3. The issue I am fiding now is we are at the mercy of networks nominating rather than the public voting for their preferred candidate.

    For example I really enjoyed Harrow and Ioan Gruffudd’s portrayal, plus I liked the whole ensemble. Have admired Robyn Malcolm’s work for years! I would have been tempted to vote if they were options for me!

  4. I also noticed shows like “changing rooms, Dancing with the Stars and Sunday Night Takeaway” where in the voting lists even though they have only just started. seems odd that 10 would throw them in and not other shows that might actually stand a chance at winning.

    I decided not to vote simply because there wasn’t enough choice with whom I could vote for.

  5. I’m just happy I could finally vote for Katrina Milosevic. She’s been my favourite actress for a couple of years and I think it’s about time she got recognition for her work as Boomer in Wentworth.

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