Jennifer Keyte quits Seven for TEN

Jennifer Keyte resigns from Seven, Steve Quartermain sidelined from Melb. anchor role.

Melbourne news presenter Jennifer Keyte has quit Seven to become TEN’s Melbourne News presenter.

Keyte has been at Seven for many years, first from 1987 – 1995 then 2003 – 2018.

She began at TEN in 1982 following a role in radio at EON FM.

Her appointment at TEN will see her become TEN’s Melbourne news presenter, replacing Steve Quartermain who has helmed the role for the past four years. He is in discussions with TEN to remain with the network.

A Seven spokesperson said in a statement, “Jen and Channel 7 have enjoyed a wonderful relationship during her time with 7 News, covering every major news event since rejoining the news room in 2003.

“Jen leaves Channel 7 on the best of terms and takes with her our respect and very best wishes.”

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  1. omg this is awesome, i’ve always loved Jen Kyte! Having said that i don’t know if its enough to get me watching news at 5pm again though. I think plenty of others will though, but its not like the old days where they were ‘first at five’. So i wonder how much value she will bring the network in $ terms in context of how much they’re paying her.

    I wonder if they might end up reviving Sports Tonight with Quartermain as host? why did they axe that show anyway? i thought it would’ve rated well but im not a sports fan so didn’t pay much attention to in ratings reports etc.

  2. I think TEN might do a OZ version of the Talk. They already have Sarah Harris, Lisa Wilkinson, Sandra Sully and now Jennifer Keyte. It would make sense. Also she will probably do the news as well. I think it was easier to leave Seven because of the recent cost cutting.

  3. Wow this is big Melbourne tv news. So Jen comes back to where she started. Good news for ten. Quarters was not a great newsreader. His passion is sport And he was a good afl commentator when ten had the rights. But if your passion is sport why would you want to work for ten given it has no major sport and anything half major is a feed from fox. Would be sorry to see quarters leave after over 30 years but understandable Does this mean all tens major newsreaders around the country are female. Maybe ten see that as their point of difference

  4. All the best to Jen, one of the best TV newreaders in the business, a class act whose warmth, experience and professionalism have shone through in spades over the decades. Likewise the affable and professional Stephen Quartermain who Could slip easily back into his former sports presenting role. An ideal fill-in and weekend news replacement for Jen on the 6pm Seven News – Jacqueline Felgate, Seven’s 4pm weekday news presenter, who, like Jen, has an easy warmth and newreading style. A rising star.

  5. Wow I couldn’t believe it when I read it. It will be weird to see her on 10. This was a well kept secret. Well I ownder what Quarters will do next.

    The one thing I will miss about Jen is her great work on the good friday appeal and how she is always there at the end of the night collecting the big cheques and announcing the final total.

    1. Only if you’re a Victorian. For the rest of the country it’s “Local news presenter you haven’t heard of in years moves to different station to do same thing”.

      Apart from the odd trip down south, I haven’t seen or heard of her for 20 years…

      1. So only 25% of the nations population.
        Plus the couple of percent that get 10 news in other states.

        Hardly the same as someone from Southern Cross Tasmania moving for example.

  6. Channel 7 (HSV7) has certainly been a happy-hunting-ground for Melbourne’s top news presenters over the decades: Eric Pearce to GTV9; Brian Naylor to GTV9; David Johnston to ATV10; and Mal Waldon to ATV10.

  7. She must be held in very high regard at Seven. That seems like an usually pleasant and gracious release from them for a personality who is defecting to another network.

      1. Yes, had to rewind the credits for Olivia when I saw something interesting in them…. On pause it the only way I could read it…. along the lines of “Delta Goodrem appears courtesy of the 9 network”.

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