Nine dumps Adelaide news director

Tony Agars out after 15 years at Nine, with Jeremy Pudney promoted to News Director.

Nine News Adelaide news director Tony Agars has been dumped after 15 years with his deputy, Jeremy Pudney, promoted in his place.

It follows continued wins by Seven News, now with 467 successive weeks at the top and on track to claim its 18th successive year in Adelaide.

In a statement Agars said he was proud of his time and wished his colleagues all the best.

“I’m fortunate to have worked with so many outstanding people,” he said.

“To my friends and colleagues there – I wish you nothing but success. You deserve it,” he said.

Jeremy Pudney, previously TEN’s director of news, joined Nine in 2014.

“I am excited to take on this important role and to lead the team during a time when gathering accurate and trustworthy news is more important than ever,” he said.

Source: News Corp

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  1. So I take it Nine Adelaide (and Nine News Adelaide) rated well in the early 2000s and prior at least? Maybe not dominant like east coast, but enough to beat Seven?

    Obviously during Nine’s good years, although it was starting to decline by then.

  2. The WIN ownership era of bare bones budget NWS news service still appears to have caused lasting audience damage. If only Nine had invested in NWS earlier and taken over NWS from when the Lamb family had sold it to Southern Cross and when WIN subsequently ran it down.

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