Renewed: Hughesy We Have a Problem, Show Me the Movie

TEN has renewed 2018 comedy panel shows Hughesy, We Have A Problem and Show Me The Movie! for further seasons.

Both shows are produced in TEN’s Pyrmont studios. The number of episodes and launch dates will be announced later this year.

TEN Chief Content Officer, Beverley McGarvey, said: “Last year we made a commitment to significantly increase the amount of original comedy on TEN.

Hughesy, We Have A Problem and Show Me The Movie! were important parts of that strategy and both have attracted new viewers in their timeslots. I’m very pleased that both have been renewed and will be returning to TEN.”

The Dave Hughes-hosted series is produced by Screentime and Rove McManus quiz is co-produced by Ronde Media and Blink TV.


  1. Glad Hughesy We Have A Problem is being renewed. Really enjoyed it and lot’s of LOL moments. Seems like they’re having fun making it which always translates to the viewer having a fun time too. Seems fresh each week and great chemistry with Hughesy and the panellists.
    Haven’t warmed to Show Me The Movie though. It just seems laboured and far too much yelling which is hard to understand. It seems to be heavily edited so feels a bit disjointed. I’m surprised Joel Creasey hasn’t figured out yet how to use the camera to play to the audience at home. Seems he’s playing to the audience in the studio still. He needs to be reminded it’s a TV show and not a live theatre gig.
    All these shows are only as good as the guest panellists they have on each week. Hughesy seems to have got that part right while Rove’s show seems to lack a bit of star power.
    Still, I’m glad Channel 10 are…

  2. Maev....Sydney

    I have come to enjoy both these shows….which surprises me…..not been a huge fan of either before….but Hughesy especially….I am seeing a whole new side to…and I like what I see.

  3. Show me the movie is a lazy tv creation , if was on any other channel would not be comming back , both shows actually. Channel 10 has nothing else obviously

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