Vale: Cathy Godbold

Actress Cathy Godbold, best known for Newlyweds, The Saddle Club and Home & Away, has died, aged 43.

She died on Friday as a result of a terminal brain tumour, more than a decade after she was first diagnosed with cancer.

The daughter of the late Rosemary Margan, she performed in TV roles in the 1990s and 2000s.

Amongst her successes, were 40 episodes of Home and Away as Meg Bowman in 1992, a co-starring role in Crawford’s sitcom Newlyweds alongside Annie Jones, and the role of Deborah in 2001’s The Saddle Club.

Other credits included Blue Heelers, Chances, Hey Dad and the US miniseries Blonde. In 2007 she portrayed her mother in The King telemovie, recreating Graham Kennedy’s “crow call” scene. It was her last role, diagnosed with brain cancer in July 2007 at the age of 32. She had a brain tumour removed, and then underwent chemotherapy treatment at Melbourne Hospital.

But she was diagnosed with another brain tumour in January this year, learning it would be terminal.

Veteran Nine star Rosemary Margan, who died aged 80 in December, gave up her career in 2007 to care for Cathy.

Source: Nine News 


    • Yes, the Meg story line was a very memorable part of Home and Away’s early years. Infact I think it was the story that increased the shows ratings, after a lacklustre first couple of years, and it went from strength to strength after that. Very sad that Cathy has passed so young. She is with her beautiful mother now.

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