Back in Time for Dinner: June 12

We hit the 1970s tonight with fondue, SPAM, ‘I Am Woman’ Farrah Fawcett hairstyles & This Day Tonight.

Back in Time for Dinner hits the 1970s tonight with fondue, SPAM, ‘I Am Woman’, Farrah Fawcett hairstyles and This Day Tonight.

Flared pants, moustaches, and lots of orange … the Ferrone family plunges into the 1970s!

The kitchen and dining room have opened up and there’s a breakfast bar. Convenience foods are still all the rage as everyone’s lives become increasingly busier. SPAM is advertised as ‘The Hearty Starter’ and the Ferrones eat salad from a tin! The introduction of the deep freezer makes last minute cooking even easier and shopping for food a less frequent occasion.

In the early 70s, Carol is still bound to the home and is shocked when Annabel shows her a story from This Day Tonight about women needing to impress their husband’s boss or pay the consequences of divorce.

But women’s liberation is strong and huge numbers of women march out of the kitchen to the anthem ‘I Am Woman’ and into the workforce. Including Carol! But Carol questions whether it comes at a price.

Sienna and Olivia become ‘latch -key children’, a situation they have never experienced in their modern lives. Like many kids left without parental supervision in the 70s, the girls raid the cupboard after school for all things sweet, salty, and processed. These foods soon take a toll on their moods. As well as Mum’s. Peter and Julian meet former rugby union player, Peter Fitzsimons, over a meat pie and beer to discuss the hyper -masculine ‘Ocker’ stereotype that was prevalent in the 70s.

However, by the end of the decade, male stereotypes are slowly changing. There’s a push for men to hone their cooking skills and so father and son step into the kitchen for the first time in nearly 30 years. As family chef in 2018, Peter couldn’t be happier!

Farrah Fawcett hairstyles, and figuring out how to play a cassette, and unravel the chewed tape with a pencil, are all foreign experiences for the Ferrone teenagers. And it’s one in all in as the family embraces disco fever at the very 70s recreational activity of roller skating!

7:30pm tonight on ABC.

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