Better Homes and Gardens reaches 1000 episodes

Better Homes and Gardens reaches its 1000th show this week and its presenters are opening up their own homes.

Every week, Australia invites Johanna, Dr Harry, Graham, Tara, Fast Ed, Karen, Jason, and Adam into their homes – while Pete sometimes takes you into other people’s Amazing Homes.

So to say a massive thank you, this time the team is inviting you into theirs. They’re giving us an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into their everyday lives: from their families to their homes, their passion projects and everything in between. And to carry on the celebrations, the team is getting together for a big bonfire party at Johanna’s farm. You won’t want to miss this very special episode of Better Homes and Gardens.

What does the busiest woman in TV get up to when the cameras aren’t rolling? Johanna Griggs has spent years showing us some of the most amazing homes around the country, and this week she’s inviting us in to her own home-away-from home – the farm she shares with her husband, Todd and her family. With two kids, a grandson, and a whole farm to look after, Johanna’s life is pretty full, and she’s giving us a sneak peek.

Adam Dovile may be Better Homes and Gardens’ newest presenter, but he was born to build. Since winning House Rules with then girlfriend Lisa Lamond, in 2014, Adam’s life has completely changed. Not only is he now a full-time presenter, he’s married to Lisa and they’ve got two kids as well. Adam’s showing us around his home in Melbourne, mid-renovations, and giving us a glimpse into his new life as a husband and dad.

For Karen Martini, nothing’s more important than family – with food coming a close second. This week, she’s taking us to her mum and dad’s place for a family lunch and, as you’d expect, Karen’s on cooking duty. She’s making steak with roasted shallots, fresh horseradish and a red wine vinaigrette – with a little help from her dad along the way.

When he’s not cooking up a storm at home or on the show, one of Ed Halmagyi’s favourite ways to relax is to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and hit the road on his motorbike. Fast Ed’s taking us with him as he travels along one of the best motorbike trails in NSW, St Albans Road, on his way to meet up with the rest of the BHG Family at Johanna’s farm. Of course, he’ll be cooking some stellar food along the way, including a brilliant recipe that puts the ‘ham’ back into hamburger and an easy tray cake that’s perfect for celebrating.

As the longest serving presenter on the show, Graham Ross has seen thousands of stunning gardens over the years. This week, he’s showing us around his own personal piece of paradise: his garden at home. The Ross family – including his wife, Sandra, kids and grandkids – all live on site and are crazy about gardening. Graham and Sandra will be giving us the grand tour.

Today he’s known as the lovable larrikin whose been transforming the backyards of Australia for more than 12 years, but when Jason Hodges first left school to mow lawns, he never guessed he’d end up with a career in TV. Aside from appearing on the show, Jason also runs his own landscaping business and recently bought his dream home on the NSW South Coast. Jason’s showing us around his rustic rural retreat and showing us the gardening project he’s been working on in his spare time.

She’s been bringing her interior design, DIY and craft know-how into our living rooms for over 15 years, but what is Tara Dennis’ life like away from the camera? As well as being a busy mum-of-two, Tara has her very own homewares line and, more recently, even opened her own store – where you can find her most days, behind the counter and running art classes. Tara’s showing us around, and it’s every bit as stylish as you’d expect.

For more than 30 years, Better Homes and Gardens’ resident vet, Dr Harry Cooper, has been sharing his love and passion for animals on TV. But if you think Dr Harry has his hands full on the show, at home on his farm it’s a real zoo! This self-confessed chook-a-holic has 250 different breeds of poultry, 100 ducks and geese, 80 Welsh mountain ponies and eight dogs to contend with, so he certainly has his work cut out for him! Dr Harry’s showing us what a typical day on his farm is like.

7pm Friday on Seven.

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