Felicity cast reunite

Keri Russell & Scott Speedman amongst Felicity stars who look back on a show about to turn 20.

Former Felicity cast members reunited at the Austin Television Festival on the weekend.

In attendance were Keri Russell (Felicity), Scott Speedman (Ben), Scott Foley (Noel), Tangi Miller (Elena), Amanda Foreman (Meghan), Ian Gomez (Javier), Greg Grunberg (Sean), Rob Benedict (Richard) and Amy Jo Johnson (Julie) and show director / executive producer Lawrence Trilling.

Created by J.J. Abrams and Matt Reeves, Felicity aired from 1998 to 2002 and followed the awkward and enlightening college ups and downs of its star, Felicity.

Keri Russell pointed out the WB Network cancelled the drama and then turned around and asked them to do more. “J.J. and Matt said the show was going to end, but they didn’t know when,” which is why they had to do additional episodes. Foley directed what he calls the “faux” finale, where Felicity graduated from college, while Trilling directed the ultimate series finale.

During the last five episodes, Abrams added a time-traveling element to the narrative after the “faux finale,” where Felicity made different life choices which eventually affected the series finale.

Keri Russell said the show touched so many young fans for a powerful reason.

“To me, the beauty of the show was always this really simple idea that I feel is very relatable,” she said. “Just this kind of romantic idea —it doesn’t have to be when you’re young, but it’s a lot of times when you’re young — of this chance to change your life completely. I feel like everyone at some point can look back on that one moment and think ‘I wish I would have chosen him’ or ‘I wish I would’ve taken that chance.’ I think that was the sweetness and the beauty and the truth of the show. And that’s what we got to live out through Felicity. She did, she took the risk. She jumped. And so that’s what I felt was the strength and core story of the show.”

Naturally the topic of a reboot came up.

Rob Benedict immediately reacted, saying “Come on guys! I’m in!” while Greg Grunberg said he would love a reunion. If not a Felicity reboot, then something else.

“We can do Gilligan’s Island,” Ian Gomez added.

September marks 20 years since the show began.

Source: Deadline, Today

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