Gone: Good Morning America

US breakfast show to be replaced on Nine's overnight schedule.

US breakfast show Good Morning America will no longer screen on Nine after Monday morning.

The series, hosted by Robin Roberts, George Stephanopoulos & Michael Strahan, has long been part of Nine’s pre-dawn schedule.

From Tuesday morning Nine will screen repeats of A Current Affair at 3:30am followed by repeats of Ellen at 4am.

No word on the reason for the change, but there’s probably a $ sign at the end of it somewhere.

Seven still screens an hour of NBC Today show at 4am.

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  1. Such a shame – clearly all money. I watched it each weekday morning and even on Saturday. I cant handle the Today Show for some reason. Looks like Channel 10 will gain a viewer

  2. I have watched GMA for over 30 years, its a shame they couldn’t show it on another 9 channel. I enjoy the celebrity guests and analysis of the news. The Today show on 7 has improved since Matt Lauer left & Hoda has become a main host. Channel 7 now also shows Today from 11.30 am now on 7 TWO, (except Mondays) with very interesting Megan Kelly at about 12.30, then watch Hoda and Kathy Lee drink on their show. So do watch it if you miss the far more interesting American news. Robert. Melbourne.

  3. I have loved this show as I’m an early riser, have been watching GMA since about 2000 with Diane Sawyer and Charlie Gibson and also journalist Bob Woodruff, it has been a good show over the years but is now a bit ‘soft’ compared to the Sawyer/Gibson days when it was more news than ‘fluff’. Oh well will just have to wait till 4:37am (why.37am?) to watch CBS This Morning although I miss Charlie Rose (bad man) this show is very good and all news.

  4. i watch some of these shows when the insomnia hits, i enjoyed Robin & George but agree overall it is the weaker show, Today was classic back in the days with Katie Couric & Matt Lauer, i remember so well the coverage of 9/11 happening virtually live with their studio being in New York.

      1. me too, from what i can recall they were both on around the same time, Ten late news at about 11pm which must’ve been around 9am US time. NBC Today was also on 7, around midnight i think, so time shifted by just a few hours, not 4am like it has been in latter years. I think i was switching between both channels as Ten kept coverage rolling for a few hrs.

  5. Unless it is solely a financial reason, could also be a more complicated licencing/rights matter, which has been re-negotiated and this program therefore no longer part?

    I know as of 11 years ago, ABC is part of Disney and that collective TV distribution arm, which Seven seem to have a lot of, recently The Good Doctor being the most prominent.

  6. The weakest of the big 3 US Network morning shows IMHO-was often preempted for other stuff by 9 anyway-the whole of the NBC morning show (2.5 hrs) is shown on 72 from about 11.30am Tue-Fri.

  7. That’s a shame. I watch this quite frequently. I guess I’ll go back to NBC Today show now, even though its not as good now without Matt Lauer. Definitely wont be watching Ellen or ACA at that time. Its hard enough to avoid that crap during the day

      1. I did think Today would never be the same after Matt Lauer was sacked, but its actually improved in leaps and bounds, and shown on 72 daily (except Sunday & Monday) from 11.30 am. Stay tuned for Megan Kelly and Kathy-Lee & Hoda after shows from 12.30…well worth watching.

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