1. Just wondering why spoilers for Wentworth are allowed in this ratings post. Yes I realise it has aired but Wentworth is not even mentioned in this article. I thought I was safe to read this post without being spoiled. Surely these comments should be in TV Lounge? Cheers.

      • I would agree re Wentworth – this post relates to free to air network ratings so no need to mention here. I too have not seen last nights’ episode so do chose to avoid anything where someone might write about it like TV Lounge, the daily ranking post which has Pay TV top 20, etc until I’ve seen it.

        Here, I ready comments from latest to earliest, so as soon as I see a spoiler mentioned from earlier comment I just stop looking.

        • Sorry didn’t realise this page only focussed on Free to air shows. I have previously been told that once a show has aired then it is not considered a spoiler on this site.

          I’ll refrain from posting on future

          • It’s not a spoiler as it has aired, which is why it was approved. It’s more a question of whether off topic or not. Rarely I will include an STV rating in the daily wrap if noteworthy, but 90% of the time not, so the rankings or TV Lounge probably a better fit. Perhaps my error in not asking you to resubmit on another post. Ultimately it’s one of those falls-between-the-gaps moments but I accept the feedback and shall have to spend the day in the moderation naughty corner.

    • Sorry but I presumed this would be the right place to discuss something that aired on tv last night. Not my fault if you don’t have Foxtel

    • She went ‘bunta’ on her!!

      Hope Franky is okay, absolutely love Ruby too. So many interesting story lines coming up, bring on next week.

  2. Back in Time for Dinner was great as always last night. Poor Jeff the fish, and the kids watching their parents’ wedding video – hilarious!

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