Nine & SKY News to launch Your Money channel

A new channel Your Money, jointly-owned by Nine and Australian News Channel will air on both Foxtel & Nine.

The channel with a mix of financial services, real estate, travel, luxury and consumer will replace SKY News Business, which has been airing for a decade.

Early reports suggested a Business channel was coming, but Your Money will be more consumer-focussed.

The channel will broadcast under Kylie Merritt as Chief Executive from News Corp’s Holt Street headquarters, which opened in November.

On Nine it will replace the Extra advertorial channel on Ch. 95.

It’s not yet clear which SKY News Business titles will continue but the channel is expected to include a mix of SKY and Nine talent.

It will launch later this year.

Source: AFR


  1. Sounds like it will be mostly advertorial driven lifestyle dross, more than what Sky News Business is now. Surely it won’t be the exact same channel and content in 24/7 simulcast on pay and FTA? If so, why bother?

    • Me too. Mediaweek, “Your Money Your Call” and “Tech Biz” are the only shows I have an interest in on Sky Business.
      Mediaweek and tech biz are on catch up already though, which is how I watch them. It would be great to see any shows that survive end up on 9Now to make them more accessible.

        • “Never heard of Aspire”? Oh you poor deprived Tasmanians. Southern NSW is my listing. But so pleased to hear you are blessed with SBN. Aspire TV is an Australian advertorial datacasting channel launched on 21 May 2013. The channel operates a 24-hour / day format of mostly US produced infomercial and, to a lesser extent, other paid program content including religious programming. When introduced, the “datacasting” concept was promoted (by the government of the day) to provide opportunity for the new services to broadcast information to schools, broadcast university lectures and other non traditional broadcast TV content. However, without any legislative restriction on its use, the “datacasting” services have been solely used for advertising purposes, with airtime sold almost exclusively to “home shopping” companies. (Wikipedia)

    • On SCA regional stations 55 is SBN, the preacher channel that Swaggart pays Southern Cross for. There’s no Extra channel. 9life is on 54, 56 is Aspire. Time, and bean counters, will tell if anything is dropped to make a channel available.

  2. Aussiecam58

    At least it will be better than Extra. Does anyone watch these infomercial channels? I program my TV to skip them. Just a waste of broadcasting space in my view.

    • Only when I hear Brooke from Bold & The Beautiful is here again, flogging her kaftans. I did watch about 20mins once upon a time for a laugh. How they use descriptions like “golden” (meaning not real gold), “faux” (meaning fake), “only this hour” (meaning again later and tomorrow as we still have 20,000 to shift).

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