Oops. Kelly Rowland lost in translation.

Some unfortunate wording from Voice coach Kelly Rowland slipped out during the Live broadcast on Sunday night, when host Sonia Kruger asked her about the challenges of choosing the right songs for their artists.

“When you’re making the decision you are kind of spastic,” Rowland replied. “You don’t know what to do but you want to make the right decision.”

Some viewers took to social media to criticise her wording, which went by unchallenged in the Live broadcast.

While the use of the word is frowned upon in Australia & the UK, perhaps we can put this one down to a “lost in translation” moment, where it tends to mean “clumsy & energetic” in the USA.

Nine declined to comment but noted Rowland was at the Sydney Children’s Hospital on Monday for the Gold Telethon.

9NOW is still broadcasting the remark.


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